Published On : Thu, Jul 1st, 2021

Param Veer Chakra Abdul Hamid and Vasantrao Naik remembered on their birth anniversary

Mehmuda Shikshan Mahilla Gramin Vikas Bahuudeshiya Sanstha’s Central India Women’s College of Education (SNDT University affiliated) had organised a function to remember Param Veer Chakra Awardee Shaheed Abdul Hamid and Late Vasantrao Naik, Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra on their birth anniversary which falls on 1st July. Rich tributes were paid to them on the occasion.

Ex Cabinet Minister Dr. Anees Ahmed and Shri. Sanjay Pugliya were the Chief Guests of the function reminded the students and faculties present about supreme sacrifice of great soldiers like Abdul Hamid.

Dr. Anees Ahmed in his speech said Shaheed Abdul Hameed was awarded Param Vir Chakra for displaying exemplary courage during the 1965 war with Pakistan.

Anees Ahmed said Abdul Hamid is known as –’The Tank Destroyer’

Anees Ahmed further briefed the gathering that on September 8, 1965, as Pakistani tanks were advancing towards the Indian battalion in Khem Karan sector, Company Quartermaster Havildar Abdul Hamid, who was commander of an RCL gun detachment, jumped on to his jeep which had a gun mounted on it and rushed to the spot, under intense enemy shelling and tank fire. Having served for 5 years in the anti-tank division and being the best the 106mm recoilless rifle shot in the battalion, he drew on his past experience to knock out the advancing enemy tanks.

CQMH Abdul Hamid of 4 Grenadiers took an advantageous position behind a tall crop in his jeep, allowing the enemy tanks to come within his firing range. As soon as they close in, Hamid ordered his loader to load the anti-tank gun and fired and watched the tank go up in flames.

Later in the day, Abdul Hamid destroyed another Pakistani tank which had dared to cross the border and approach towards the Indian posts. By the end of the day, Abdul Hamid had destroyed two Pattons while the remaining 4 had been abandoned. Engineers were called in to lay out anti-tank missiles in the areas where enemy tanks were advancing from.

The next day, i.e September 9, 1965, Abdul Hamid was again back on his recoilless gun and faced aerial attack from Pakistan Sabre jets which did not cause much damage. At the end of the day, Abdul Hamid had destroyed two more enemy tanks.

The following day, September 10, 1965, Abdul Hamid had destroyed 3 more tanks before laying down his life defending the country. For such remarkable achievement he was awarded Param Veer Chakra Post Humously.

Speaking in the occasion, Dr. S.M. Rajan, Director of Central India College of Law stated that Late Vasantrao Naik brought about an agriculture revolution in Maharashtra by his untiring efforts during the difficult period of 1972 drought.

Present in the function were principals, faculties and students of Pharmacy, MBA, B. ED, D. ED, ITI, Law, Skill Development