Published On : Tue, Oct 29th, 2013

Papaya leaf extract – wonder drug for dengue patients: Dr. Kolhe


Nagpur News : The dengue fever season which is usually synonymous with the monsoons in India is showing no signs of abating. The numbers are much higher than last year in city, whose already overworked hospitals and civic bodies are struggling to contain the ailment and treat the ill. We talked to  City well-known Dr. Pradeep Kolhe who is M.D.Ph.D. and Gold Medalist in Ayurved. While speaking he focused on dengue fever treatment with papya leave extract.

When asked about the treatment of dengue in Ayurved, Dr. Kolhe explained that  papaya leaf extract has definite beneficial effects on dengue patients. It prevents dengue patients from going in to dengue haemorrhagic state.

He said that papaya leave extract have been used in folk medicines and in Ayurveda for centuries. Recent studies have shown its beneficial effect as an anti-inflamatory agent for its wound healing properties, ant-tumors an inmunomodulatory and as an anti-oxidant.

He briefed that Papaya i.e. Carica papaya is a member of the Caricaceae family. In dengue fever platelet count falls down very drastically and juice extracted from papaya leaves helps increase the platelet count remarkably in patients with the dengue fever. 50gms of fresh juice for three consecutive days shows an excellent improvement in enhancement. Almost 50gms fresh papaya leaves should be taken for excellent in platelet enhancement.It should be crushed manually or in juice extractor without adding water in it. Amount of juice comes around 25ml. This 25ml of juice to be given twice a day i.e. morning and evening for 3-5 consecutive days. This juice is safe and increases platelet count rapidly in dengue fever without having any side effects.

He added, As dengue fever is spreading very rampantly in the city and nearby. It is very fatal if ignored and not treated properly. So many deaths occur due to this fever. While the dreaded disease, dengue has reached epidemic proportions with a countless number of patients infected by it and the death toll mounting unabated, creating a national crisis, a cure for this dreaded disease however is still wanting.


A patient with dengue fever presents typically with fever, headache and rash known as the dengue triad. There are many other symptoms like body aches and the patient can progress  to DHF and typically manifests as abdominal pain, bleeding and even circulatory collapse.

He said that no vaccine is available for the prevention of dengue infection. The only way to prevent dengue is to avoid being bitten by a vetor mosquito i.e. Aedes Aegypti. Infected patients receive supportive management with fluids, blood and blood products complying with the ministry of HEALTH CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDANCE (CPGS) on management of dengue. Secondary infection is a major risk factor for DHF (Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever) where bleeding disorders occur.

But he added that there is rapidly growing response to the use of medical plants. WHO estimates that in many countries 80% of the rural patients seek alternative treatment using plants and papaya extract is very obliging to treat the dengur fever.

According to his recent case reports, many patients recovered from the dengue fever. Only one spoon (10ml) of papaya leave extract/juice was given in morning and evening including ideal treatment for platelet supplementation to the patients. But giving after papaya leave extract their platelet count improved remarkably within two days and relieved from symptoms of fever very rapidly.

Lastly he said that papaya leave extracts plays very significant role as curative as well as preventive and he suggest people to start papaya leave formula as soon as they find the symptoms of dengue fever as it is easily available everywhere with no cost.

…  Pallavi Madke