Published On : Sat, Feb 20th, 2021

Pande Layout residents jittery over dangerously built Khamla road


Pande Layout resident are very much disturbed by the recent road developments undertaken between Orange City Hospital square to Khamla. Last year, all were pleasantly surprised to see long overdue road development being undertaken. However, their joy was short-lived when they saw that the road has been constructed on half side only that also in a haphazard absurd manner.
Highlighting this situation, Dr. Anup Marar- President of Poonam Pride Housing Society based in Khamla Main road stated that only half of road between Orange City Hospital to Khamla has been developed. This developed half road has 50% concrete laying while 50% has been surprisingly done in tar. However, that also has been done in a very unscientific manner. One can notice that the two portions are not on same level. This causes accidents as two wheeler riders quite often skid due to this mismatch in road levels. Moreover, the non-leveling in cross roads causes lot of bumps and leads to wear and tear of tyres.
Shri.Subhadeep Bear, another Pande Layout resident added that “Who designed such a road? No road manual must have ever conceptualized such an unlevelled dangerous combination. I am not sure what was being attempted by the contractor. We do hope that the NMC road engineers must has notice this absurdity and may have withheld the payments and will undertake corrective meansures to prevent serious mishaps from happening.

Shri.Bhavik Parikh, another resident mentioned that even sidewalks and footpath on the developed side have not been finished properly creating lot of hassles for walkers.
Pande Layout and Khamla residents are eagerly waiting for an immediate solution from concerned authorities for this serious lapse and are contemplating to lead a delegation to Municipal Commissioner for grievance redressal.