Published On : Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Panchkuwaresidents gets clean water @ their Tapsafter 30-years

Nagpur: Now there is a smile on the face of hundreds of residents of Panchkuwa area located in Vaishali Nagar (Ashi Nagar Zone of Nagpur Municipal Corporation), who have started receiving sufficient, pressurised and clean water at their taps after a prolonged wait of almost 30-years.


Since almost last 30 years and more these people relied on their wells (There are 5 ancient wells located in area that’s why the locality is called Panchkuwa) but it eventually had to dry. This main source of water being disturbed the residents had to look for other option.

They were facing critical water scarcity issues from past 30 years and even if water showed up in tap then it was of no use because of contamination.

Tankers were supplied on a daily basis of up to 5/10 tripsper day, but population density being high and alleys being narrow these tankers were a cause of chaos in the vicinity.

Even after lying of new network, charging of new network and supplying potable water to residents with adequate pressure was a challenge. Contamination in old network was another critical issue which was in need to be solved.
Dealing with such issues required premium grade engineering and a lots and lots of hard work. Along with NMC the OCW was able to correct all the wrong beings in the area of Panchkuwa. As because the residents were facing the water supply issue since long and were disappointed from the commitments of officers / engineers of water supply department since long, therefore it was very difficult to work inside the area for network improvement and hoping for cooperation from local residents.

It was very difficult to understand the new network laying and connectivity with old network was a challenge in absence of proper drawing. But, OCW engineers worked very hard, did many network improvement works At last the new network was charged from source as per design scope. Now each household has its own connection with meter under24x7 water supply project works from new network with adequate quantum of potable water supply and O&M team has fully discarded the old network.



  • Proper study of networks and where ever it was required we did excavation and exposed the network junctions.
  • Exposing the network valves and taking them in operation
  • Few left out interconnections were completed
  • Supply of adjacent areas were adjusted and shuffled for allotting a 2 hrs. supply slot for the area
  • Trial run from source and finalizing the related network valve operations.


The tanker trips are also brought down to zero. Public is happy with the fact that no water borne diseases are now of their concern.
This supply from new network also brought down the UFW volume and NRW figure.

A few words from locals prove the above accomplishments.

sdfsdfasfViswanta Patel says “Earlier the water from connection used to be polluted and was not at all consumable, now due to the hard work of OCW clear water is received on a daily basis.”

sfsdfsfGajanan Ramtekkar says “Water pressure was so less that a lot of our time was wasted on just filling water for our use. Now that the pressure has increased we get more time to earn and practice our daily routine”.

Another bitter truth of the society was explained by Sharda Basdawar. She says that earlier on tankers and on stand posts the people belonging to certain caste were given preference and others were next in line. Now NMC -OCW has given individual gdfgdsconnections to each house hence ensuring equality in society. Such words by the consumers show the determination and promising work of NMC and OCW and this is just one of many examples that how we tackle such problems with proper engineering.