Published On : Wed, Sep 9th, 2015

Pakistani Rangers’ wives won’t come to India this time!

Pakistani rangers
Nagpur: A high level delegation of Pakistan rangers is arriving in India on Wednesday on a 4-day visit for bilateral talks with the Border Security Force. But this time, the wives of senior officers of Pakistani rangers will not be accompanying their husbands.
According too media reports, there was earlier a set programme of about half-a-dozen women accompanying the 15-member Pakistani  rangers’ delegation. But at the eleventh hour, their names have been withdrawn by Pakistan. Last time, during year 2012, when the Pak rangers’ delegation had arrived in India for biennial bilateral talks of director general level, the Pak officers’ wives were there with them during tour.

It may be noted that it has been a practice across the world that the wives of officers of military and para-military forces visit with the husbands outside their countries. This practice is being continued between India and Bangladesh over the years. Even Pakistan delegation last time had come with the wives of officers. But this the said practice is suddenly discontinued.

In year 2012, the wives of senior officers of BSF had hosted banquet for their counterparts and taken them around various sights worth seeing in the national capital. They were also taken around popular markets for purchases. The BSF had then made all arrangements for their safe and comfortable stay.