Published On : Wed, Sep 9th, 2015

For the first time, Indian Muslims launch ‘Fatva’ against IS

Pak Fatva
Nagpur: For the first time, though late to react, the Indian Muslims, jointly led by Ulemas and Muftis, have unanimously launched ‘Fatva’ against the IS, a terrorist outfit. Those who have raised strongly condemning voice against the dreadful enemy of mankind include Shahi Imam Bukhari, Ajmer Sharief, Hazrat Nijamuddin, Jannat-e-Ulma Hind, Jamiyat-e-ahal-e-hadis (Mumbai), Moinuddin Kachhacha Sharief, Raza Academy and 1070 religious organizations across the country, and they have signed the Fatva, the copies of which have been circulated among various countries across the world including the United Nations.

It is for the first time that the Indian Muslims in the world have openly raised voice against the IS. Having signed the Fatva, more than 1000 Ulemas and Muftis have termed the IS, a terrorist outfit as ‘non-Islamic’ and ‘inhuman’.

The copies of Fatva have been sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the United Nations Organization and 50 other nations across the world, criticizing the condemnable act of recruitment of men and women into IS fold in Iraq and Syria.

A Mumbai-based Islamic Organization’s Manzar Hasan Khan Asharfi Misbah said, “The activities run by IS neither have any link with Islam, nor can they be approved.” Muslim leader Abdur-rehman Anjaria said, “This Fatva is a message of India to the rest of world that it is only in India wherein the Islam is accepted in true spirit and real sense.”

The United Nations has assured the organizations which have issued Fatva that it (UN) is working on this issue in human interest.