Published On : Wed, Mar 22nd, 2023

Pachpaoli cops bust car-borne goat lifters’ gang, 3 arrested


Nagpur: The Pachpaoli police, led by Senior Inspector Vaibhav Jadhav, have arrested three alleged goat thieves and recovered a car. The accused, Shaikh Zuber, Mohd Sameer, and Akshay Mahure, were apprehended after police used the car’s registration number to track them down.

The police investigation revealed that Akshay Mahure and his father ran a butcher’s shop, where the stolen goats were killed for meat. Vinod, Akshay’s father, has been named a co-accused, and the police have seized his Bullet bike. The arrests were made after receiving complaints of theft of three goats worth Rs. 40,000.

The police team, consisting of Sub-Inspector Vikas Manpiya, head constables Vijay Yadav, Ankush Rathod, and others, began scanning CCTV footage in Naik Talao and Bairagipura areas. During their investigation, they spotted a car moving suspiciously towards Mohd Rafi Chowk. With the help of human intelligence, the police arrested Zuber, who had a murder case registered against him. During interrogation, Zuber revealed information about his accomplices, leading to the arrest of Sameer and Mahure. However, their other accomplice, Shaikh Ajju, is still at large.

The gang has admitted to stealing goats from Ramtek, Khaparkheda, Tarsa, Waddhamna, Khapri, and other areas. The police have seized the car used by the gang and are continuing their investigation to apprehend Shaikh Ajju and others involved in the goat thefts.

With this action, the Pachpaoli police have successfully apprehended a gang of goat thieves who had been stealing goats from various areas. Their modus operandi, travelling in a car wearing branded clothes, proved to be their downfall, as the police were able to track them down using the car’s registration number. The police have also identified the butcher’s shop where the stolen goats were being killed for meat, leading to the arrest of Akshay Mahure and his father. The investigation is ongoing, and the police are working to arrest the remaining accomplices involved in the thefts.