Published On : Mon, Sep 15th, 2014

Over-flowing water of Ambazhari Lake offers entertainment to youngsters

Ambazari lake overflow  (8)

Nagpur: Water they say is life and life giving. Everyone, young or old enjoys playing in water. The young boy hidden in many matured men seems to bubble out the moment they find an opportunity to enjoy in water. With the rains playing hide and seek and making its appearance every other day randomly has finally caused the water-level of Ambazhari Lake to increase and over-flow. The civic authorities had wisely used this over-flow point for the immersion of the idols of Lord Ganesha.

As the water level rose and the water started over-flowing, it infused a strange enthusiasm among the youth who are either passing the site or are living in nearby localities. The young boys chose to take a dive into the clean water to have a swim, while others practiced fancy diving stances.

The water is so inviting that many youngsters are seen enjoying just standing with their clothes on under the falling water and enjoying the splash it makes. While speaking to Nagpur Today, one youngster named Prashant, a student of B.Com said that he enjoyed himself thoroughly after a long time. The youngsters added that this particular place offers no risk since it is very shallow and good for wholesome enjoyment in water.

During the afternoon hours, many young girls who were returning from the colleges too enjoyed to stand bare-footed at the top and enjoy water flow around their legs.

Ambazari lake overflow Ambazari lake overflow

By Samuel Gunasekharan. Pics. by Vinay Thorat