Published On : Mon, Jun 14th, 2021

Organ donations save 7 lives, provide vision to 3 persons in Nagpur within 72 hrs

Nagpur: In a heart-warming development, the Second Capital of Maharashtra witnessed two consecutive cadaveric organ donations within a span of 48-hours. The organ donations saved lives of a total seven persons and also provided vision to two blind persons.

On Thursday, June 1, Dinesh Sakharam Sonawane, who throughout his life believed in giving, provided lease of life to four persons and eyesight to two after his death and on Sunday, June 13, Prakash Kapse, a 58-year-old Ayodhya Nagar resident who died two days ago, gave a new lease of life to three persons.

Dinesh Sonawane, (50) a businessman and a resident of 2/A near CIDCO Garden, CIDCO Sector D, Turakmari, Takalghat was admitted at Meditrina Hospital with complaints of giddiness, blurred vision, slurred speech, in unconscious state. His test reports were diagnosed as a circularity stroke. In spite of the treatment, his condition neurologically deteriorated, and a team of doctors declared him brain dead. He left behind wife Sarika, son Suyash and daughter Manasvi. Family members themselves came forward to donate his organs. Nephew Suyog and son Suyash gave formal consent to fulfill his wishes.

The Brain Dead Committee members at Meditrina Institute of Medical Science including Dr Sameer Paltewar, Neurosurgeon; Dr A Bansod, Neurophysician; Dr Ajay Bulle, Physician; Dr Tapan Badole -Intensivist declared Dinesh as brain dead. After the consent from the family, the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee headed by DrVibhavari Dani, Secretary Dr Sanjay Kolte came and did all the procedural part. Veena Wathore worked as Zonal Coordinator.

Accordingly, the liver was retrieved and transplantation was done at Meditrina Hospital. The team of doctors involved was Dr Prashantha Rao, Dr Ravi Mohanka, Dr Mitul Shah, Dr Amya Panchwagh, Dr Saurbh Kamat and Admin Head Dr Amrita Sharma while Transplant Coordinator was Dr Ved Sarangpure. One kidney was given to a patient at Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha where Chief Administrator was Dr Chandrashekhar Mahakalkar. Dr Sanjay Kolte, Kidney Transplant Surgeon and Urologist and Dr Amit Pasari performed the procedural part. Second kidney was given to New Era Hospital where retrieval and transplantation was done by Transplant Surgeons Dr Shivnarayan Acharya, Dr Ravi Deshmukh, Dr Rohit Gupta, Dr Amit Deshpande, Dr Amol Kokas with Transplant Coordinator Dr Ashwini Choudhri.

Two green corridors were created with the help of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sarang D Awad. One corridor was created between Meditrina Hospital and Nagpur’s Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport as heart was taken to Mumbai hospital. Heart was allocated by State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO) to HN Reliance Hospital. His eyes were donated to Madhav Netra Pedhi. Second corridor was formed to carry the kidney to AVBRH from Meditrina. His liver and two kidneys were donated.

Similarly, Prakash Kapse, was admitted at New Era Hospital with severe head injury as he had fallen from height at his factory workplace. In spite of all the treatment, his condition neurologically deteriorated, and team of doctors – Brain Dead Committee members at New Era Hospital Neurosurgeon Dr Nilesh Agrawal, Neuro Physician Dr Parag Moon, anaesthetist Dr Sahil Bansal, Intensivist Dr Amol Kokas declared him brain dead. Family members – wife Savita, son Prathamesh who after the counselling session by Dr Ashwini Choudhry, readily agreed to donate his organs.

Accordingly, retrieval and transplantation of liver was done at New Era Hospital where Surgeon Dr Rahul Saxena, Dr Sahil Bansal and Dr Sneha Khade did the procedure. Transplant coordinator was Dr Ashwini Choudhary. It was transplanted on a 50-year-old female. Of two kidneys that were donated by Kapse one was given at New Era Hospital to a 58-year old female, after the surgery performed by DrPrakash Khetan, Dr Shabir Raja, Dr Ravi Deshmukh performed the procedure. Second kidney was given at Seven Star Hospital for a 23-year-old male.

Nephrologist Dr Nilesh Bhange, Urosurgeon Dr Sadashiv Bhole, Dr Shabbir Raja, Physician Dr Mohan Nerkar, Intensivist Dr Ramesh Hasani, and anaesthetist Dr Indrajeet Agrawal formed a team to do the necessary work. Transplant coordinator was Dr Sandeep Nagmote. The forensic team from Indira Gandhi GovernmentMedicalCollegeand Hospital under the headship of Dr Makarand Vyavhare, Head, Department and Dr Chitanya Tingne, Associate Professor, performed the required procedure.