Published On : Sat, Jan 17th, 2015

Onus is ours: Dean assures patient that onus of treatment will be on GMCH

gmc-nagpurNagpur: After Nagpur Today put a news item in the web portal about the plight of a patient who had to undergo operation twice in Government Medical College and Hospital and had to suffer infection and to add to that he had to face the ire of the doctors and interns at the ward for complaining about their step-motherly treatment and the alleged nexus with private parties on January 16, 2015, the doctors and the interns came to know that the Dean of Government Medical College and Hospital is coming on rounds on January 17, 2015.

On the morning of January 17, 2015, the interns and doctors gave Sunil Gaikwad the discharge card and allegedly told him that he was recovering fast and will be well in a day or two. They asked him to go home.

However, Sunil stayed back claiming that the infection on his wound still persists and he will leave the Hospital only when he recovers.

Nagpur Today visited Sunil in his ward on January 17, 2015, only to be told what the doctors and interns plan to do. They had allegedly tried to hush him up else, the patient Sunil may inform the Dean of their wrong doing and the negligence. However, the Dean did visit Sunil in his ward. Sunil had reportedly spoken to the Dean Abhimanyu Niswade in fluent English and related everything that happened to him. So impressed was the Dean that he assured that the entire treatment would be borne by the GMCH. The Dean assured him that he will get the best of treatment including all the medicines (Antibiotics) whatever they cost and proper and timely medical attention from the Doctors, Interns and Nurses.


Nagpur Today spoke to the Dean of Government Medical College and Hospital Abhimanyu Niswade. The Dean told Nagpur Today that he personally visited the patient and has heard his plea. He assured Nagpur Today that he has set a lot of things right. He will also look into all the allegations of the patient personally. He thanked Nagpur Today for enlightening him of the things that went on in the ward.