Controversial Ward Officer Harish Raut’s actions put top NMC bosses on the edge

Nagpur: A die-hard babu working in Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), it appears, refuses to toe the decent official line and be in good book. The babu in question is controversial Assistant Commissioner/Ward Officer of Ashi Nagar Zone Harish Raut. The shabby working style of Raut, if sources are to be believed, has reached its dubious peak if his recent actions of whims and fancies speak of anything. Even the Ward Officer himself is not willing to serve the Zone and adopting various ways and means to escape the impending action, if there is any.

According to sources, the first of the tactics the controversial officer adopting is to summarily spurn the orders of higher authorities and office-bearers. The “aim” of Raut is that the red-faced bosses would transfer him to another Zone or even to the Headquarters. Secondly, the Ward Officer resorting to such shady decisions that are probably hurting the feeling and interest of ward citizens. And when the heat turns on him, he conveniently “vanishes” from his office and waits in for situation to calm down. Even otherwise, the Ward Officer slyly steps in the office after 5 pm when public is seen nowhere and sits in till the night hours, planning his next moves, said the sources.

Recently, the Assistant Commissioner/Ward Officer of Ashi Nagar Zone Harish Raut was embroiled in controversy when a housing complex scam surfaced in the Zone. Instead of going deep into the matter the Ward Officer adopting the ‘devil-may-care’ attitude and finding escape routes to divert the heat, stated the sources.

Even the Mayor had tasted and sensed the “whimsical” style of working of the Ward Officer. A personally signed letter of Mayor sent to Raut just 2-3 weeks back was not even opened by him forget the implementation of order. After a call from Mayor’s office, the Ward Officer opened the letter but no further action was followed. All these tactics being adopted by Raut point out one aim of him: Anyhow get rid of Ashi Nagar Zone or even the NMC, added the sources.

Interestingly, it is gathered, the Ward Officer is appearing for different examinations in order to grab a lucrative post in other department.

It is pertinent to recall that Nagpur Today had flashed a report headlined “NMC issues show cause notice to Harish Raut” wherein it was stated that the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) had issued a notice to Ward Officer Harish Raut. NMC asked Raut to explain in written why he should not be suspended from service. It is to be noted that Corporator Guddu Tiwari had alleged in the NMC General Body Meeting that the Ward Officer Harish Raut demanded bribe from him to reduce property tax of Bollywood Centre Point. Taking cognizance of this serious allegation, Mayor Prof Anil Sole had ordered suspension of Raut with immediate effect.

However, due to lack of evidence, he was not suspended. Finally, Guddu TIwari submitted a written complaint and proofs against Harish Raut following which NMC issued show cause to Raut.

 Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha(