Published On : Wed, Mar 20th, 2013
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Only you can be the CEO of brand ‘YOU’ – Sanjay Arora

Sitting on the Dias from left to right: Shikha Khare, Akash Agrawal, Sanjay Arora, Prafull Doshi, Deepak Maneria, Hetal Gaglani.

Nagpur News: VIA MARKETING FORUM organized a programme on PERSONAL BRANDING – Let’s build the brand called ‘YOU’ by Sanjay Arora, CEO Shells Advertising Inc.

Speaker Sanjay Arora said, “Whether you want to or not, whether you do it in a strategically planned way or not, you still are a sum total of the perceptions about you in people’s minds and that is the brand ‘YOU’. It is therefore critical to build it consciously to fully leverage your strengths and capitalize on the opportunities.” exclaimed Sanjay Arora, CEO Shells Advertising Inc to the packed hall at the VIA Marketing Forum & One Foundation organized talk on ‘Personal Branding – Let’s build a brand called ‘YOU’.

“Doctors, CAs, Architects, Lawyers, service professionals etc as well as those wanting to rapidly rise in their professional careers need to specially take care to build their Personal Brands or they tend to get lost in the crowd in today’s hyper competitive world.” he added.

“Most people go through their entire lives not even knowing what they want from it, while even those who do aren’t able to figure out how to achieve it. Personal Branding is discovering your goals, strengths and then using branding strategies to differentiate and consistently build an identity around the authentic and genuine them. It is not trying to create a false image, but more like polishing the real one and then leveraging the power of various networks to communicate it with consistency.”

He presented various proven models, which can be used to develop Personal Brands. These help individuals first discover their value proposition to their specific target audiences, then differentiate and articulate these and finally communicate them in a consistent manner.

Once this is done he explained how to use two major categories of tools to gain credible visibility viz: Traditional & New Media Tools

“The emergence of the digital world especially Social Media has completely revolutionized the process. Today Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and personal blogs etc can be very effectively leveraged for creating very strong personal brands.” He went on to explain how to use them with very practical tips, dos & don’ts so that the participants could implement them right away.

The audience was spellbound by the presentation & mentioned having gained tremendously about this new & emerging marketing revolution. During the question answer session many insisted that a more detailed half day or full day workshop be conducted on the topic, to which Akash Agrawal, Secretary, VIA agreed & said the date would soon be intimated. Prafull Doshi, President, VIA chaired the programme, Deepak Maneria of One Foundation outlined the activities of the organization. Shikha Khare, Convener welcomed the guests and introduced Sanjay Arora.

The programme was attended by large number of students, Young Entrepreneurs’, Industrialists and VIA Members.