Published On : Fri, Oct 3rd, 2014

One killed, two injured in road mishap at Law College square

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In a gruesome incident, the happy occasion of Dussehra turned to that of mourning for Surbhalavi family, when their son died in a road mishap at Law College square at 9 am on October 3, 2014.

The Laxmikant Shravan Surbhallavi family had got their Tata Indico car bearing RTO registration No MH31/ CP-7499 washed at around 8 am on October 3, 2014. Soon after arrival, the cousin brother of Snehal @ Nanu Shrikant Surbhallavi aged 22 years, identified as Jai Sanjay Surbhalavi aged 25 years and resident of Marar Toli Ram Nagar, Near Dhande Hospital.

Jai Sanjay Surbhalavi suggested to Snehal Shrikant Surbhallavi that they go for a ride. On the way they picked their two friends identified as Mahesh Devrao Agarkar aged 28 years and Sandeep Chunnilal Tikapache aged 27 years and residents of the same area.

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These four youths went for a spin right till Telankhedi or Futala Lake and while returning the victim Jai Sanjay Surbhalavi who was driving the vehicle raised the speed to nearly 120 kilometers per hour.

At Law College square, the car made a small touch to the pedestal of the Police Booth. This caused the vehicle to go out of control. Instead of pressing the break, the victim had allegedly pressed the accelerator which caused the vehicle to toppling over and over fifteen times till it came to a stand-still, said some of the eye-witnesses.

The impact which occurred when the car hit the road divider was so severe that two of the passengers Snehal Shrikant who were seated in the front flew nearly 25 foots in the air, while Sandeep Tikapache flew 10 foot in the air and landed inside the G S College of Commerce premises after traversing a 15 foot high wall. The fourth passenger Mahesh Agarkar fell close to the car.

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The victim Jai Sanjay Surbhalavi who was driving the car died on the spot, while the Snehal Shrikant Surbhalavi escaped with small bruises and scratches, while Sandeep Tikapache sustained head injuries and Mahesh passenger sustained fracture in the legs.

The victims were immediately shifted to Mayo Hospital where the Doctors declared Jai Sanjay Surbhalavi brought dead, while the conditions of the others are said to be still critical. The victims of the car crash were from middle income group and were eking out a living by undertaking small painting jobs.

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