Published On : Fri, Oct 3rd, 2014

Bang Bang : Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal

Bang Bang : Pure, Unadulterated Action
bang-bang-movie review in Nagpur
Hrithik has a super hero or a hollywood hero personality. We generally wish him to mesmerise us with something super-heroic and unprecedented. He also has great international market. His movies do good business in international circuit. With Fox Star Studio officially remaking the hollywood movie “Day and Knight” with Hrithik Roshan, it is expected to be high on entertainment and action. It’s promo created a big buzz and impact. With a 4 day long weekend, let’s see if the buzz turns into business or not?
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“Bang Bang” starts with good impact. When each unfolding frame brings actors like Jimmy Shergill (Viren Nanda), Danny Denzongpa (Omar), Javed Jaffrey (Hamid Gul), Vikram Gokhale (RAW Chief) etc before even the super star cast is introduced, audience sure gets hooked to the screen. It revolves around theft of “Kohinoor” diamond used as a bet for a bigger power game between militants and Indian secret services. The thief is none other than Hrithik Roshan (Rajveer Nanda) who makes thieves look cooler than any other professionals.
While through his mission, he accidentally meets Harleen Sahni (Katrina Kaif) who becomes part of the game unwillingly. She is a Shimla girl working as a Bank Receptionist and dreaming to tour around the world “one day”. Rajveer bumps into her simple 9to5 life and nothing remains same.
Bang Bang Movie Review Nagpur
The original story is credited to original hollywood writer Patrick O’Neill and adapted into screenplay by Sujoy Gosh and Suresh Nair. They are able to intervene the action track and love story successfully. They also succeeded in keeping then audience guessing about what next? Dialogues by Abbas Tyrewala adds the humour quotient and keeps things lite admits all the high adrenaline action sequences.
Still, there content is lack of content in the movie and it feels stretched. A shorter screenplay would have created higher impact. Also creative freedom is taken to extreme ends of it and hence suspension of disbelief sometimes become harder (Solution: Keep brain at home). Still on the whole, not bad.
Director Siddharth Anand who knows his craft works hard to deliver an high octane action thriller. Barring the thriller part, he succeeds in delivering a good action movie with few good comic scenes. If he could have used songs lesser and as part of screenplay than hindrance in the screenplay, it would have made better impact. Also he could have told his editor Akiv Ali to be more ruthless and edit the movie to a crispier version. One of the silliest point in the movie is the way Rajveer casually trots around the “Kohinoor” diamond and also that he gets high end adventure sport equipment conveniently whenever required. The biggest laughable thing can be that rather than stealing a normal SUV in the parking lot in Yas Marina F1 circuit, he gets an F1 car on the road to chase his enemies and that too in a zippy. Ignoring such and other such bluffs, the director is able to get us the masala entertainment we always want from a Big movie release.
It is relatively easier for casting directors of big budget movie to afford good actors for small role and Aadore Mukherjee Mehra has done exactly that. But many good actors like Pavan Malhotra (Zorawar), Vikram Gokhale (RAW chief) are wasted. Also Javed Jaffrey could have been used better. Other than that Deepti Naval (Rajveer’s Mother) and Kanwaljit Singh (Rajveer’s Father) feels like hamming a little.
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Hrithik Roshan is at his best. He dances like a dream, does action with ease and panache, woes his lady like a true Casanova and flaunts his sculpted body like a playboy. Katrina Kaif equally supports him in all scenes but thats it. She does not leave an mesmerising impact as far as acting is concerned. She compensates it with tiny winy outfits she wears and whistles and sighs are clearly audible in the auditorium when she does that. So both boys and girls in the theatre get a visual treat with the best looking on screen pair in India today. That can be good enough reason for some to book the ticket for this movie.
Production Quality of this movie is outstanding and everything is as good as any hollywood production. May be that is because the production house is from Hollywood. Production design by Dipankar Dasgupta is excellent. Costumes by Anaita Shroff are superb. Cinematography by Ben Jasper, Sunil Patel and Vikas Sivaraman is eye catching and mesmerising. The movie is shot in many countries around the world but our Shimla and Darjiling also looks better than any international locations. VFX are of highest quality.
Music By Vishal-Shekhar is average barring 1-2 songs. The best one of it is in the end title so you may like to wait before the end title finishes. Action department is outstanding with many action experts for various action sequences giving their best. Few of the shots are never before on Indian Screen. Also the camera work in moving car while doing stunts is fluid and unique. It is remarkable.
Overall, it is a good popcorn entertainer with a feast for action movie lovers. If you like to watch foreign locations in movies, this one is for you. Also for the amazing “Body” of work by the lead pair, it becomes a good watch for both girls and boys.
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Do watch it if you can bear with extra length and unnecessary songs in the screenplay. Leave brain at home and enjoy this big scale action film on big screen. Paisa Wassool!