Published On : Tue, Jul 29th, 2014

On the verge of collapse, Zero Mile may soon reduce to Ground Zero!

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The deplorable state, in which our city’s own landmark Zero Mile exists today, shows the apathy, lethargy and disregard for such a special monument.  The pathetic state of the historical structure speaks volumes about the functioning of local civic authority maintaining it.

Present Status:

The monument made with sandstone shows cracks, breakage, blackened by moss and fungal infestation on the top. A few more days and one won’t be surprised if it breaks down. The beautiful landscape done around it has just added to the already pathetic condition it is in. The grass, weeds and shrubs have grown big. The team of horses erected near the pillar is now hiding behind the thick shrubs. One does not know if the light installed near the pillar even works now or not.

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What a shame?

Whenever, there is an inauguration of any tourism activity or logistic activity, popular leaders are prompt to high-light Nagpur having its Zero-Mile-Pillar and that Nagpur is the Tiger Capital of India. However, no leader has even noticed the gross neglect and apathy of this pillar which brings us recognition. During a recently held, panorama of tourism in India and Vidarbha, many foreign Air-lines had come to showcase their services. Many had expressed their desire to see the pillar.


It is lethargy or sheer apathy?

If a similar pillar existed in any other country, they would have a special staff to look after the pillar round the clock, wash it, keep the surrounding clean from all fungal infestation and well maintained to show-case the importance of what he monument represents. Are we so lethargic that we can’t even get time to get a ladder to clean the surface, coat it with a wax-polish or something that prevent fungus to grow on it, keep the surrounding terrain, well groomed?

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Importance of Zero Mile Stone 

Zero Mile Stone is a monument depicting the geographical center of the erstwhile colonial India situated in Nagpur. The Zero Mile Stone was erected by the British who used this point to measure all the distances. The Zero Mile Stone consists of four horses and a pillar made up of sandstone. It is located on the South East side of the Vidhan Bhavan, hit opposite to Provost of Air Force.

The English rulers considered Nagpur as the centre of India and hence identified this point and constructed the Zero Mile Stone. Being at the center of the country, earlier India was divided in provinces and Nagpur was capital of CP & Berar Province later when state were made in India Nagpur was incorporated in Maharashtra and since Nagpur was the Capital of CP & Berar even though it was geographically shifted to Maharashtra status of second capital was granted to Nagpur.