Published On : Sat, Mar 3rd, 2018

On Holi Day, NMC-OCW saved Ambazari lake water going in drain

Nagpur: Save Water ….its Precious …Save Every Drop of Water…It will save the world & our future. We must have heard these slogans every day, but do we seriously follow it. However setting an example for all, NMC-OCW officials who are committed to supply drinking water to city and always work to save every drop of water proved it that they follow’s what they say…..

On Rang Panchami (Holi) day (March 2, 2018) after receiving a call in the morning hours from local vigilant residents that a Water pipeline is damaged near LAD square, Gandhnagar and water is profusely coming out of a pipeline creating an artificial river on road, NMC OCW officials led by ED NESL, Sanjay Gaikwad OCW CEO Sanjoy Roy immediately reached on spot and after 18-hours of technical work not only plugged the leakage but stopped thousands of liters of Ambazari Lake water going in drain.

Despite it was pipeline not owned OCW, the team first checked from where water is coming out, it was found that it was not a drinking water pipeline but it was an abandoned 12 inch pipeline laid in 1980’s from Ambaazari lake to few parts of city (For the then water supply system based on Ambazari Lake).

Despite it was pipeline owned by other agencies and its valve location were not known, however NMC-OCW team consisting of Deputy director Rajesh Kalra, GM Praveen Sharan, Zonal Manager Aniket Gadekar and NMC officials reached at spot to support MahaMetro team who may have damaged the pipeline during their work.

Water was so profusely going down that it could have dropped water level at t Ambaazari Lake also. It was learnt that Ambazari Lake water is being used by swimming pool located near leakage legally/illegally from 36-year old abandoned pipeline.

NMC-OCW also called and took help of D V Choudhary, Ex Superintendent Engineer, Water Works, during whose regime water supply was provided to city from Ambazari Lake. In 1982 supply to the city was closed from this tank.

Team searched many valves of that time (year-1982) and finally got two valves deeply buried near Ambazari Lake and closed it. Meanwhile NMRCL (Maha Metro) team tried to stop the flow by putting concrete bags at leakage point. Team also tried to close the gates of Intake well by taking help of divers who tried to close the mouth of outlets of pipe by sand bags.

Finally after 16 to 18 hours of hard work, NMC-OCW Team got success to plug leakage using its expertise at all levels. It was difficult task as because the system was not operational since 1982, but team worked hard and saved thousands of liters of Ambazari Lake water going into drain.

Though the leakage is plugged now, however to Save Water in reality, now the need of the hour is other agencies which are engaged in Making Nagpur Smart city must work carefully and avoid damaging water pipelines.

It may be mentioned here recently various agencies working for development of Nagpur like KCC limited & Maha Metro damaged pipelines NMC-OCW pipelines at various places. This had resulted in thousands of liters of potable water gone waste in drain.