“Officials do not want to exert authority on CBSE Schools” claims AAP

AAP Nagpur, Jammu Anand
Nagpur: Considering the fact that, managements and school authorities of various schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and International Council of Secondary Education (ICSE) are enjoying full freedom to act as per their whims and fancy in lieu of no authority being exerted by the officials of the education department, AAP Nagpur submitted a memorandum to concerned official. Ignorance about various government resolutions, circulars and Act’s on the part of the higher officials came to fore when a delegation of the volunteers of the Aam Aadmi Party Nagpur met Pardhi, deputy direction of education Nagpur region here on 4th’Sept’2017.

The delegation brought to his notice various GR’s which are of very serious nature. The said official was ignorant about many of the GR’s even existing. The delegation consisted of Jammu Anand, Chandreshkhar Pard, Sanjay Sharma, Arif Dosani, Ravi Wagh, Karan Shahu, Ajay Sahu, Manoj Soni, Anil Sharma and Rajesh Paunikar.

The GR’s (Government Resolutions) consisted issues like, weight of the school bags, procedure and nature of Parent Teachers Association, regarding collection of school fee, divisional fee regulatory committee, mandatory disclosures, and norms for appointing teachers. Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) Act’2014 having amendment in the year 2016 was basically enacted to check the growth in commercialization of education.

The memorandum raised about 22 issues assured to convene a meeting in near future to discuss in thread bare on the issue raised in the memorandum.