Illegal hooking from electricity wires continues in Nagpur

Nagpur: The electricity suppliers of Nagpur are unable to keep a check on the illegal hooking up of wires for stealing the power. Analysing the situation gives an idea that several officers of the concerned department are involved in the same. In various cases, it has been found out that the officials, in the name of acting against the violators, cut the hooked up lines. The lines, however, are connected again in exchange of money.

On papers, several steps are taken against those who do not pay electricity bills on time by disconnecting the hooked lines. Nevertheless, there are groups who fetch money in exchange of reconnecting these wires. Although, no arrest has been made, police has registered a case in the matter.

Last month, SNDL had disconnected the electricity supply of a shop in Ganeshpet for pending electricity bill of Rs. 75,000. However, the owner reconnected the line as soon as the team left. A video captured by nearby residents, of the whole incidence, was submitted to the police. In the video, it can be seen that the unidentified man who reconnected the line was along with a former councilor which portrays the support violators are receiving from those holding power.

Franchise company has complained 12 such cases in past two months to the police where the disconnected lines were reconnected without seeking orders or permission for the same. The power ministry had recently announced several methods to overcome the theft of electricity. However, all have gone in vain and have not succeeded.