Published On : Thu, Jul 16th, 2020

Office Automation is the Need of Hour for Chartered Accountants to Ensure Effective Office Working at All Times –CA Nihar Jambusaria

Recently Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI, hosted Webinar on – “Office Automation – Ensure Office Working at All Times”. The current global pandemic in the form of COVID-19, has created a paradigm shift on the way a professional should approach work. The ongoing crisis is although a bane but it is important to set expectations right and have a positive outlook at the opportunities and challenges so as to mould in into a boon and ensure office working at all times. Keeping these aspects in mind Nagpur Branch of ICAI had organized an apt program in the form a webinar for CA Members, which was very well attended by more than 150 members.


  1. Nihar Jambusaria Hon. Vice President ICAI, Mumbai, lent gracious presence to the webinar and guided the members attending, with his inaugural remarks, on the occasion. He congratulated Team Nagpur led by CA Kirit Kalyani, Chairman, for planning apt webinars including the one on hand, for the benefit of members in the profession. He graced the webinar and lent his words of wisdom on the occasion. He being at the helm of affairs and shouldering the responsibilities as Vice President, shared his rich treasure of knowledge as regards the required approach to understand the importance of Office Automation for ensuring effective working at all times.


CA Nihar Jambusaria, conveyed about the initiatives of the Institute at Central Level, for enabling the members to ensure effective work from home. Information as regards the tie ups including the proposed ones, were shared by him. The Vice President added words to his remarks by saying that before COVID, the Institute was appealing to enable ourselves to ensure office work, all times. Now COVID 19, has duly compelled us to sincerely think on the lines of updating ourselves and ensure continuous working at all times, from home and rather from any place, he conveyed. As regards the four speakers for the program, he said that he knows all of them and the deliberations are going to be really beneficial as they wont be preaching, but infact are practicing in the respective areas and hence will be sharing their personal experiences. Nagpur Branch of ICAI, will really find that purpose of hand holding of members, is effectively served through such Webinars, he remarked. Before concluding, he extended all good wishes to Nagpur Branch in its ventures and members in profession. He ensured his continuing availability for the sake of serving the members and students.

  1. Kirit N. Kalyani,Chairman, Nagpur Branch of ICAI, in his welcome remarks, extended warm welcome to Hon. Vice President CA Nihar Jambusaria, for gracing the Webinar with his valuable presence. He also welcomed, the speakers from Mumbai being, CA Murtuza Kanchwala, Hon. Secretary WIRC, CA Adarsh Madrecha, CA. Huzeifa Unwala, and CA Ankit Raipuria, who had kindly agreed to take great efforts and share their treasure of knowledge with respect to various effective modes and manner to plan in the matter of achieving automation in office working. He shared with the members that efforts for the program  were being taken since about a fortnight and the due discussions with speakers will ensure addressing practical concerns of members in profession. Further, the PowerPoint presentations of the speakers will help understand the concepts effectively, he added.

  1. Kirit N. Kalyani, went further to add that, on account of unfortunate outbreak of COVID 19, even though slowdown, setbacks, etc. are being witnessed in financial arena, webinar on such topic is sure to prove as a blessing in disguise. This is because, even though need to maximise the use of digitalisation was realised since long, but sincere efforts to ensure the same in practical lives was missing, generally. The webnar on hand, is going to lend effective guidance, he assured. He concluded his remarks by briefing about the forthcoming ventures of Nagpur Branch and wished for fruitful sessions ahead.


CA.Murtuza Kanchwala, Hon. Secretary WIRC, Mumbai shouldered responsibilities as valuable speaker, very well. He shared his treasure of knowledge as regards effective ways for Client management. He went on and on to deliberate on the said crucial aspect in professional lives. He guided the members as regards making effective data base of cllients. Relationship with clients need to be duly valued, he conveyed. Proper nurturing of the same and the ways to ensure win-win professionally viable relation with clients, were few of the valuable takeaways from his deliberation. He guided the members right from making first and positive impression to initiating discussion, dos and donts in the meeting, dealing with technical questions, etc. He also dealt with the required steps to be taken, post meeting with prospective client, including writing a thanks giving mail, required details required to be shared, etc. CA Murtuza, who played a major role in the matter of coordinating efforts for the webinar, as well, before concluding, dealt with the querries of the members and resolved the same very effectively.

  1. Huzeifa Unwala, Mumbai,also dealt with his topic very effectively. Digitisation is the only effective solution, to ensure office working at all times, he said. He appealed the members to start building blocks in the matter of journey towards ensuring office automation at reasonable and effective levels. This is because, he said, COVID has really compelled us to think sincerely, on the said aspect. Clients are used to share data of all sort including structured, unstructured, images, etc. In such scenario, he highlighted the importance of data mining being key competence in the digital world. He convincingly dealt with various aspects including artificial intelligence, sales forecasting, marketing, segmentation, real time monitoring, etc. He discussed practical case laws including of Walmart, TCS, etc. He threw due light on the matter of ensuring due precautions to deal with mails from clients, etc. as they are always vulnerable to misuse. He shared to use cloud arrangements for data management, so as to enable access of the same, from anywhere.

  1. Adarsh Madrecha, Mumbai,the third speaker on the occasion, guided the members with respect to effective modes of Working Remotely. Crucial aspects including Data Access to Team Members, Collaboration, beautiful initiative of the ICAI about the maturity model, were effectively discussed. Public Collaboration Storage options, benefits and pitfalls, were effectively discussed by the speaker.Tools that can be used for communicating with team members, were discussed. He also guided the attendees as regards Digital Competency Maturity Model Version 2 document, which is aimed at helping the professionals to ensure effective professional life. The said model brought out by Digital Accounting &  Assurance Board of ICAI, effectively enables to make a self assessment of firms to know the level at which we stand. This then, enables us to plan further, to reach the expected milestone in our professional arena, he said.
  2. Ankit Raipuria,Mumbai,the last but not the least speaker, guided with the fourth pillar in the lives of professionals. Team Management, was the topic of discussion for him. He effectively conveyed the importance of mutual trust and respect, prompt communication, transparency, acknowledgement of work responsibility, conflict resolution, leader – subordinate relation, etc. He also shared his profile in professional arena and guided the members with the crucial aspects of task management including from receiving data, verification, effective compilation, etc. He shared idea about practice management softwares to effectively excel in our lives. He went on to add words of wisdom to his deliberation and also conveyed tips to make team work effectively from home or from any place. He highlighted the importance of team review and team spirit in the matter of effectively serving on professional front.

CA Akshay Gulhane, Chairman WICASA Nagpur Branch, effectively coordinated the webinar. He moderated the questions raised during the program and helped resolve the same through speakers. Prominently present among the attendees included CA Jiten Saglani, Secretary, CA Sanket Gala, CA Premlata Daga, CA Garima Gupta, CA Chaitra Salankar, CA Vicky Waghwani, and more than 150 members.