Published On : Thu, May 23rd, 2013

OCW pocketing crores by using inferior materials in new water connections in Nagpur

But the OCW authorities are recovering crores of rupees from NMC and consumers by applying high-standard material rates thus indulging in fraudulent means

Nagpur News: The irresponsible and haphazard working style of Orange City Water (OCW) is likely to be nailed if the Nagpur police officials act on a complaint lodged by Anand Narayanrao Jammu (Popularly called Jammu Anand) Secretary, Bharatiya Communist Party’s Nagpur District Council.


Jammu Anand in his complaint to police said, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has been given a contract OCW for 24×7 water supply and water connections. Accordingly, the OCW is carrying out new water connection works in place of age old water connections. The new water connections require the specific materials like water meters, ball valves, MDPE pipes, GE pipes, and sandals etc.

According to contract terms, the OWC recovers specific amounts from NMC and consumers as well for replacing old water connections with new ones. However, Jammu Anand said, the OCW is indulging in massive financial irregularities by way of inferior quality of materials being used in the new water connections but recovering the amounts both from NMC as well as consumers at the rates of high-standard materials thus in a way looting the NMC and consumers, too, in crores.

The following tables adequately prove the difference between the materials being used by the OCW and the actual materials must be used by the company. The rates also differ between the materials being used and the materials supposed to be used in accordance with the contract terms and conditions. The difference amounts to crores of rupees as about three lakh old water connections are to be replaced with new ones. The OCW is thus robbing the NMC of crores of rupees by dubious means in broad daylight.

The OCW’s declared rates of various materials to be utilized in the new connections.

1)      Water Meter                One number             Rate Rs 1484.68                Amount   Rs 1484.68

2)      Ball Valve                      One number             Rate Rs 239.95                  Amount   Rs 239.95

3)      MDPE pipe                    One metre                Rate Rs 139.82                  Amount   Rs 139.82

4)      GI pipe                           One metre                Rate Rs 155.74                  Amount   Rs 155. 74

5)      Sandal                            One number            Rate Rs 1845.76                 Amount   Rs 1845.76

The rates of materials being purchased by the OCW and used in new water connections.

1)      Particulars:  Zenner Domestic        Unit One Number              Per unit value Rs 887

Water Meter Class – B

ISO 4964 15 mm

2)      Presto EF Tapping TEE                      Unit One number              Per unit value Rs 351

110×290 mm with

Coupler 20mm

3)       MDPE pipe                                         Unit One metre                 Per Unit Value Rs 34

4)      GI pipe                                                 Unit One metre                 Per unit value  Rs 90

5)      Ball valve 15 mm                               Unit One number              Per unit value Rs 128

The table of difference between various rates of materials being used by the OCW.

1)      Particulars:

Water Meter    Unit: 1   Company’s purchase rate      Rates recovered from  NMC/Consumers                      Difference

                                                          Rs 887                                           Rs 1484                                                                                   Rs 597

2)      Ball valve           Unit : 1  Company’s purchase rate     Rate recovered from NMC/Consumers                   Difference

                                                                Rs 128                                                 Rs 239                                                                           Rs 111.70

3)      MDPE pipe         Unit: 1  Company’s purchase rate       Rates recovered from NMC/Consumers                  Difference

Rs 34                                          Rs 139                                                                               Rs 105

4)      GI  pipe               Unit: 1  Company’s purchase rate       Rates recovered from NMC/Consumers                    Difference

Rs 90                                                                Rs 155                                                               Rs 65

5)       Sandal                Unit: 1   Company’s purchase rate      Rates recovered from NMC/Consumers                  Difference

                                                                        Rate Rs 351                                        Rs 1845                                                                    Rs 1494


Moreover, the consumers who want new water connections , left with no choice,  are forced to pay the difference. It means the company is looting the NMC and consumers of crores of rupees by the way of almost doubling the charges of materials being used by the OCW. And that too using inferior quality of materials in the new connections, Jammu Anand claimed.

He demanded the Police Commissioner to initiate severe action against the OCW authorities for indulging in fraudulent means and cheating, robbing the NMC and the consumers of crores of rupees.