Published On : Thu, May 23rd, 2013

NMC’s Fire Brigade to be armed with red-hot tech to deal with any tragedy

Nagpur News: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), well apprised of the fact that various districts in Vidarbha face one or other natural disasters like fire, floods, and other disasters in different shapes, has handed over its Fire Brigade to deal the havocs the Nature creates in six districts of Vidarbha. The NMC, in this regard, has decided to equip the Fire Brigade with hi-tech machineries and other latest tools so that the Fire Brigade does not falter for the lack of proper machineries while dealing with any disaster.

The Maharashtra Government, in a significant decision, has selected NMC as Nodal Agency to develop Fire Brigades and disaster management groups with the necessary technology in Vidarbha. The equipping of its Fire Brigade with technologically superior machineries is the first step in accordance with the Maharashtra Government’s decision in this regard. A list of machineries, required by the Fire Brigade to tackle any cumbersome situations in disaster management, has been handed over to the Mayor Anil Sole. The Standing Committee Chairman Avinash Thakre was present on the occasion.

The Fire Brigade has been provided with a power-packed cutter which could help in breaking walls and slabs as well to pieces with much ease during any sort of natural fury or fire incidents caused by various factors like short circuit or, even, deliberately, by some awful elements. The powerful cutter will get rid of hammer previously used by firemen to smash walls or slabs at the time of any disaster. A demonstration, too, was organized for concerned authorities. The NMC, at present, lacks the smoker pipe which helps suck the smoke and blow out during a big fire incident. The Fire Brigade, also, needs hydraulic pumps which are of much use to handle the fire in a fiery way. The Maharashtra Government has made available Rs 1 crore for the same purpose.

According to concerned NMC authorities, the hi-tech machineries are not much costly that triggered a decision to purchase them. Apart from the latest machineries the NMC has decided to purchase other required equipments, and, in this regard, a proposal has been sent to Maharashtra Government for an additional grant of Rs 5 crore so that arming of Fire Brigade with technologically superior machineries is complete to some extent.