OCW, NMC administration, leaders turn blind eye towards citizens’ water woes in Nagpur

Nagpur News: Citizens are exposed to series of water problems since the Orange City Waters took up the charge of supplying corporation water. Every other day the supply is being disrupted in the name of shutdown. The private entity is deliberately showing its reluctance in paying off outstanding dues to the tune of crores of rupees to the water tanker operators functioning in networking and non-networking zones of Nagpur.

OCW has been allegedly recovering fine from the tanker operators for not complying with GPRS device. The experienced NMC plumbers have been rendered jobless while untrained manpower is being appointed, sources alleged.

The matter has been brought to the notice of both the NMC administration and ruling party leaders but to no avail. Sources alleged the strong political connection of OCW as reason behind inaction of leaders and officials.

The contradictory policies of OCW is leading the citizens astray as the orders of ruling party are being completely sidelined. For instance, the shut down for one day was ruthlessly turned into two days, adding to the distress of citizens.

When Nagpur Today contacted OCW, one of the officials informed that the corporators were directed to ensure supply of water in houses of their areas during the shutdown period. However, they preferred to wear silence on the outstanding payment to tanker operators which run into crores. The operators have already warned about calling off services if the dues are not cleared by March 25. OCW, ruling party and NMC water supply department would be equally responsible for the mess.

No one to fend for plumbers

Meanwhile, the ousted plumbers have been observing hunger strike at RBI square here since yesterday but nobody including OCW, NMC administration and ruling party leaders seem to be serious about the development.

Last week only, the citizens vented their ire at OCW office to protest against supply of contaminated water in homes. The OCW then smartly defended itself and held NMC’s water supply and project departments responsible for ill functioning. Sources alleged that even the police report was strategically filed to avoid further nuisance.

The OCW spokesman is alleging, though off the record, the opposition members for the unfavorable situation.

The entire turn of events has worked against the citizens only, as the people’s entry has been restricted at OCW office. Even the gates are being kept locked so that the officials operate on their free will without any hitch.

High profile, low service

Orange City Water is operating under Vishvaraj Environment Pvt. Ltd. (A subsidiary of VIL) which won the contract to operate the water utility of Nagpur for 25 years.

To operate this contract, Vishvaraj Environment has associated with a global partner, Veolia Water through its subsidiary Veolia Water India, to create a Special Purpose Company named “Orange City Water “. This company is in charge of providing a 24/7 uninterrupted water supply service to the 2.5 million inhabitants of the city of Nagpur. This includes managing the drinking water cycle of production, treatment, transport, storage and distribution to customers’ taps. But till date OCW has proved to be bane rather than boon for distressed citizens.