Published On : Thu, Sep 19th, 2019

OCW conducts Fire Safety Mock Drill @ Gorewada WTP

Nagpur: On Wednesday while everybody at Gorewada Water Treatment Plant from production, maintenance, electrical, instrumentation and civil workers were busy in their routine work; suddenly siren alarm gave its warning bell about a fire that broke out in one of the electric panel.

The fire started in one of the electric panel has tripped the pumping process of water treatment plant for few seconds which ultimately could have affected the water supply in city.

However as soon as fire alarm started beeping, 4 trained fire fighters jumped in fray and immediately doused the fire using the fire extinguishers that were installed at various locations inside water treatment plant and that too in just 1 minute & 16 seconds. This entire thrilling experience was witnessed at Gorewada Water Treatment Plant during a safety mock drill held at Gorewada Treatment Plant.

Almost 50-member team of OCW participated in the mock drill and doused the fire and started pumping at Gorewada Treatment Plant in hardly 1.min 16 sec.

Earlier, OCW Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Sanjoy Roy inaugurated and administered a pledge of safety to employees on water treatment plants.

Mock drills about Chlorine Gas safety, electrical safety & fire safety were conducted at all WTP’s including Pench I, II, III @ Gorewada & Kahnan WTP. Training Sessions were also conducted to guide workers about emergencies like fire and drowning etc at all zonal levels as well as project sites.

The motto behind organizing ‘Safety Week’ was to ensure Safety and Health, which are integral part in work culture and life, renew the commitment of employees towards Safety and Health and achieve greater participation of the employees in occupational health and safety activities.

Description: Description: C:\Users\Sachin Dravekar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\VCHROZ97\Safety pledge 2019.jpgIt must be mentioned here, OCW is taking all necessary safety precautions at water treatment plants as well as on project sites. On project sites installation of OCW barricades, safety caution tapes, display boards, sign boards jointly by NMC and Orange City Water (OCW) for 24X7 projects or for operation and maintenance work.

Further a Special team comprising of members from safety, project works under the guidance of OCW (CEO) Mr Sanjoy Roy has been keeping close watch on the safety activities being implemented on the project sites as well as Water Treatment Plants. Regular visits on sites to implement adequate safety measure are one of the features of team.

OCW team including Director (O&M) Mr Rajesh Kalra, Mr Rajjith, Mr Pravin Sharan, Manager (Safety) Mr Amit Gedam, 10 zonal heads, project managers, WTP Managers and teams participated in mock drills and training sessions on safety.