Published On : Wed, Apr 17th, 2019

OCW clarifies on media report on water shortage and wastage

Nagpur: Reacting to a media report, the Orange City Water Pvt. Ltd. (OCW) has come out with a clarification.

In its clarification, OCW has pointed out that Orange City Water has been executing Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Uninterrupted Water Supply Scheme, popularly known as 24×7 Water Supply Scheme. “OCW is committed to supply clean, safe and abundant water to citizens of Nagpur regularly.

The said pipeline from Bhandewadi STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) to Koradi Power Plant mentioned in the news report has nothing to do with water supply by Orange City Water-Nagpur Municipal Corporation. On the pipeline mentioned in the newspaper report it is clearly written that even though the drinking water pipeline of OCW-NMC is passing through near the STP pipeline, it has absolutely no connection with drinking water.

The water is not fit for consumption at all. Orange City Water and Nagpur Municipal Corporation strive hard and make all efforts to save drinking water. Moreover, if any citizen finds leakage in drinking water pipeline, wastage etc, he or she is free to contact OCW’s Sachin Dravekar on mobile phone 8237073123 for clearing their doubts or losging complaints. It would have been better if first hand information is solicited from OCW before publishing any adverse report,” the OCW clarification said.