Published On : Sat, Dec 6th, 2014


PRESS PHOTOA meeting of Executive Committee of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce was held today the 5th December, 2014 in the Chamber under the Chairmanship of Shri Mayur Panchmatiya, President. Shri Panchmatiya briefly explained that the Chamber had taken various strong action about withdrawal of LBT/Octroi time to time. He desired to know the views/suggestions from the members present in the meeting. In the meeting hot discussions were held in Mumbai at the meeting of FAM and it was unanimously decided that the kind attention of Shri Devendraji Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra State towards pre-election of promise of BJP to abolish LBT/Octroi if voted to power in the state & thus was also given in writing in the BJP Manifesto. The promises made are still unfulfilled because of which all trading community have lost patience. Now since the House is in full majority satisfaction of trading community is in your Court 25 Municipal Corporations in Maharashtra whose trade is being affected because of LBT/Octroi/Raids & Harassments. Only assurance is not enough, a quick action and strong verdict is expected from the Party regarding to fulfill the commitments made in the manifesto. All the candidates who were elected in the State in the assembly elections the major issue and concern was removal LBT & Octroi and State. NVCC appeals to keep raids in abeyance till the matter is not resolved by the State forth coming assembly session. We demand NO LBT/NO OCTROI/NO RAIDS.

Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce is also against the raids & ways on trading community. NVCC appeals to Chief Minister to issue the instructions to Municipal Corporation authorities to keep the raids in abeyance till the matter of LBT/Octroi is not solved. If raids are not stopped, trading community will have to take steps like ANDLOAN. No Octroi/ No LBT, we are confident about your leadership & we trust that you will not listen to the fury of our traders who have fallen in LBT trap. We want solved this problem in the coming Assembly Session at Nagpur. we know limitations of the Government but since you are in full majority with Yuti.

We plead not create an awkward situation which creates rebels against the Government voted in power. Democratic Government is chosen by all trading community. Elections were based on this burning issue of LBT & we voted for the party in whose manifesto (BJP) it was clearly stated NO LBT/NO OCTROI. A meeting was attended by Past Presidents & large number of various trade associations members  please do not check the patience of traders and fury, states in a press note issued by Shri Manubhai Soni, Hon Secretary of the Chamber.