Published On : Sat, Dec 6th, 2014

Action Jackson : Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal Action Jackson : Baap of Boredom


dfgdfPrabhu Deva is a very talented person and is respected by both classes and masses, even the stars. He has given some of the best dance performances in Indian Film Industry. He gave decent entertainment as an actor too. His Directorial debut in Bollywood with “Wanted” was Superhit. But his graph as film director is declining with every film.

Prabhudeva has a set format. A rowdy but good at heart criminal who falls in love with a sweat and lovely girl who pardons all his eve-teasing which is generally not accepted in society. The girl gets to know him better as she understand his life closely. Then a twist comes and the hero has to go on a noble mission with killing spree and de dhamal action. Multiple villains with a items song having multiple item girls. A song with hero claiming his rowdy raja crown with special appearances with 1-2 Bollywood star, 1 south Indian star and Prabhudeva himself dancing to his tunes.

Another duet song with hero heroine doing weird dance steps with 4-5 dancers in the background doing some more weird steps. Such and many more similarities in each movies. Having Sonakshi Sinha as common heroine makes the movies look even similar.


Even other filmmakers copied this format. Seriously, this format has run out of its juice now. Please let it fade.

With Action Jackson, Prabhudeva has hit the lowest in his performance as Director.

Now if this continues, his goodwill will be hurt and he can be “RGVfied”.

There is nothing to discuss about the story as it is often repeated template with some changes here and there. The film is again a remake of Telugu movie “Dookudu”.

The story and screenplay credit goes to A. C. Mughil and Prabhudeva who did outstandingly bad work. There is nothing at the writing level. Dialogues by Shiraz Ahmed are ok.

Pravhudeva seems to have outsourced the directon to his ADs while he is busy in something more important (?). The first half is supposed to have funny and comic entertainment which does not really work except few scene improvisations by the Director. The second half dwindles down to lowest pit as there is no content at all but a failed attempt to stylishly picturise revenge and action. Whatever the vision Director had with the project did not actually materialize on screen.

Performance wise Sonakshi Sinha is same as always sweat, tangy, spicy when and where required. Seriously, even if we exchange some of her scenes from this movie to her any other movie in these genre, it will not make any difference to both those movies.

Ajay Devgn is totally wasted. He did his job sincerely but the writing and direction fails in creating any connection of audience with his character. The debutante Manasvi Mamgai gets huge screen time but has nothing to deliver. She can’t act and the way she is presented, I did not find her sizzling at all. The main villain is unfamiliar face and does not register any fear or hatred in audience’s mind. Kunaal Roy Kapur is good as the sidekick but does he want make his career in being a sidekick?

It will be modesty to say editing by Bunty Nagi was bad. Cinematography by Vijay Kumar Arora and R. D. Rajasekhar was good in parts. Many outdoor portions looked over exposed but that could also be due to wrong coloar pallete and bad color correction. Action by Ravi Varma is ok. Choreography by Prabhudeva is good. Music by Himesh Reshammiya except “Keeda” is of forgettable quality.

Overall, watching this movie is a waste of time, money and efforts.

Rating :  1-star-rating
(actually I wanted to give 0.5 but additional 0.5 for few scene improvisations)

Recommendation : If you read all the above, you won’t need any.