‘Whimsical act’ by Nuva Engineering College Principal puts a student’s future in dark

Principal rejects student’s allegations as false and baseless

Nagpur: The Principal of Kalmeshwar-based Nuva College of Engineering Dr Arif Khan has been accused of spoiling one academic year of a student by his ‘whimsical and dubious act.’ The ‘studied silence’ of management has added woes of the student. The Principal, however, called the accusations as false and baseless.

The M.Tech Final year student, Sayyed Asif Adnan, highlighting his ordeal, said that he passed the First Semester with 70 percent marks and appeared for the Second Semester. “For practicals, I reached the hall wearing a cap but removed it during practicals. Shortly thereafter, the Principal Dr Arif Khan called me to his chamber and levelled wrong allegations. Moreover, the Principal threatened me and two other students Mujib Sabir and Rajat Mohile of failing them in the exam. When the results were out, they were surprised to see they were shown absent in practicals,” Sayyed Adnan stated.

Terribly upset, all the three students knocked doors of Management members Jogi Sakaria and Debbrata Dey and apprised them of weird acts of the Principal. Later, a meeting was held between management members and the Principal. After the meeting the Principal called Adnan to his chamber and warned him of dire consequences.

According to allegations of Adnan, the official date for submitting synopsis (summary of final year’s project report) to Principal was August 21 to 30, 2018. However, since he had to embark on Haj pilgrimage, Adnan requested the Principal Dr Arif Khan to accept his synopsis before the date. The Principal, in turn had asked him to mail the synopsis. In the synopsis mailed first, the Principal had directed Adnan to make some changes. Following the directive and making changes, Adnan mailed the synopsis for the second time. But the Principal again sought changes on August 11 and also asked Adnan to meet him on August 13, 2018.

However, when Adnan went to meet the Principal on August 13, he told him that he has not read the mailed synopsis and hence meet him again on the next day. But since Adnan had to leave for Haj on August 14, he expressed his inability to come on the date. Enraged by Adnan’s refusal, the Principal Dr Arif Khan waened him that if he failed to come he will be failed on the same date (August 14) itself. Taken aback by the behaviour of the Principal, Adnan called his relatives to college. When his relatives tried to meet the Principal he berated them and asked to meet him on August 14. Upset by the whimsical acts of the Principal, the relatives told him that they will have to seek help of police in this regard.

Subsequently, when Adnan’s relatives reached Kalmeshwar Police Station for lodging a complaint, the Principal arrived at the police station and also called college management members. Later, police urged the relatives of Adnan to settle the issue amicably with college management instead of filing a police complaint as it is the question of Adnan’s career. But by the time, half a dozen members of management had reached the police station and one of the members Jogi asked Adnan to withdraw his complaint. The member also assured Adnan that he will not face any problem in future. Subsequently, Adnan withdrew his complaint.

In view of academic career, Adnan cancelled his Haj pilgrimage on August 14 and met the Principal with his synopsis on the same day. But shocking, he found no change in behaviour of the Principal as he did not accept the synopsis. Upset with this, Adnan contacted Kalmeshwar Police Inspector on phone and apprised him about the latest development. However, since the matter pertained to Nagpur University, the Police Inspector suggested Adnan to register his complaint with university authorities. Heeding to the suggestion, Adnan, along with six other students, lodged a written complaint with University on August 16, 2018.

According to Adnan, the last date for submitting the synopsis was August 30, 2018. On the last date too, Adnan request the Principal to accept his synopsis. But the ‘adamant’ Dr Arif Khan spurned Adnan’s request by saying that he had already got information that Adnan had lodged complaint with University. After some days, the Principal mailed a letter from college and informed him that as the enquiry on his complaint with the University going on till then he has been ‘suspended’ from college. Shocked by this move, Adnan apologised the Principal several times and requested him to allow him to appear in exam. The Principal, citing the enquiry pretext, expressed his ‘inability’ to do so. Adnan also requested the Management members and requested them to allow him appear in exam for not wasting one year. However, the management members too played truant. The last date for submitting application for appearing in the exam is December 5, 2018.

Earlier, Adnan had met the chief of Management Committee Sarang Raut on November 29, 30 and December 1 and apprised him about his ordeal. But instead of resolving Adnan’s problem, Raut ‘advised’ Adnan to leave college itself. One of the students connected with the ‘sordid affiars’ and Adnan’s colleague Mujib Sabir’s application was accepted. On the other hand, another student Palash Kurvey was not given hall ticket for first year exam hence he left the college.

Principal’s version:
The Principal Dr Arif Khan, on the other hand, dismissed Adanan’s allegations as false and baseless. “Adnan wanted me to sign his synopsis without doing any work on the project. Adnan had brought his synopsis proposal on a mobile phone. He was told that it is a M. Tech proposal and would go on for a year. This work will not be allowed in mobile phone since much planning is done for dissertation. After leaving, Adnan came back along 7-8 more youths and gheraoed me when I leaving the college. They tried to push me in a car forcibly. Seeing this, one of my colleagues phoned to police station. I have also apprised the University authorities about the matter,” the Principal said.

“Adnan has filed a counter complaint against me without any logic. I don’t have personal enmity with anyone in the college. Adnan has registered a false complaint against me with the University. One of the students to whom Adnan and his father presented before University authorities has himself told me that Adnan and his father were doing this to implicating me in false case. Moreover, Adnan also did not attend his classes for one year,” the Principal stated.

Asked to comment on the Principal’s allegations, Adnan said that he had taken his father not any goondas to meet the Principal. Cops also know this fact. His father had urged the Principal to talk inside his chamber. On skipping classes, Adnan said it is not necessary to attend classes daily. There is no problem whatsoever about presenty. Most of the students do not come to the college regularly. But since this sordid affair, college has started maintaining presenty record, Adnan said.