Published On : Mon, Sep 18th, 2023

Nutrition Seminar conducted at Happy Feet Kindergarten, Nagpur


Nagpur: A comprehensive Nutrition Seminar was conducted at Happy Feet Kindergarten, Nagpur, enlightening parents and staff on the importance of fostering healthy eating habits in young children. The seminar was organized and led by a certified nutritionist, Chanchal Sahni, who shared valuable insights and practical tips for promoting nutrition and well-being among the kindergarten’s young learners.

Following were the Seminar Highlights:

The Foundations of Healthy Eating: The nutritionist emphasized the significance of balanced nutrition for young children’s growth and development. Key nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, were discussed in detail.

Age-Appropriate Meal Planning: Chanchal Sahni provided guidance on age-appropriate portion sizes and meal frequency for preschoolers. She encouraged parents and caregivers to create a diverse and colourful plate for children to ensure they receive a wide range of nutrients.

Managing Picky Eaters: Strategies for dealing with picky eaters were a major focus, with practical tips on introducing new foods and managing mealtime battles. The importance of creating a positive mealtime environment and being patient with children’s food preferences was stressed.

Importance of Hydration: Proper hydration was highlighted as a crucial aspect of child nutrition. Chanchal Sahni shared insights on the quantity of water young children should consume daily and the inclusion of hydrating foods.

Snack Choices: Healthy snack options were discussed to help parents make informed choices for their children. The nutritionist recommended incorporating fruits, soaked nuts, vegetables, and whole grains into snack time.

Building Lifelong Healthy Habits: The seminar concluded with a focus on instilling lifelong healthy eating habits. Parents were encouraged to lead by example and involve their children in meal planning and preparation.

Interactive Session:

Following the presentation, Chanchal Sahni engaged the audience in an interactive Q&A session, addressing individual concerns and providing personalized advice on nutrition and dietary choices for their children.

The nutrition seminar at Happy Feet Kindergarten proved to be an informative and engaging event, equipping parents and staff with valuable knowledge and tools to support the nutritional needs of young children. As Happy Feet Kindergarten continues to prioritize the holistic development of its students, such informative sessions contribute significantly to the overall health and happiness of the young learners in its care, said a press release issued by Raveta Milan Sahni, Director, Happy Feet Preschool and Activity Based Daycare Centre, Nagpur.