Published On : Tue, May 1st, 2018

NSRT conducted Best Pin Contest and Jacket Auction

Nagpur: April has been a super active month for Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258. They not only concluded their one of its kind “Best Pin Contest” but also did their fundraiser “Jacket Auction”.

Starting with the Best Pin Contest, a brain child of Tr Dhiraj Agrawal and Tr Vishesh Agrawal, NSRT 258 invited entries comprising of personal and table lapel pins of Tablers and Circlers from all over India and abroad, with a nominal fee of Rs 500.00 per entry. They asked the participants to send two pins each for the same.
The prize money offered was:-
Table pin:
Winner: Rs 25000.00
Runner-up: Rs 11000.00
2nd Runner-up: Rs 5100.00

Individual Pin:
Winner: Rs 11000.00
Runner-up: Rs 5100.00
2nd Runner-up: Rs 2100.00
And 10 consolation awards.

M/S Alu pins, manufacturers and designers of lapel pins sponsored cash prize of Rs 10000.00 for the best pin contest.

As expected, around 100 entries poured in and NSRT 258 managed to accumulate approximately 200 lapel pins through these entries.
The jury comprising of Jewel NSRT 258 and NRT 83 Mr Sharad Agrawal and Jewel NART 180 Mr Alkesh Saraf selected the winning pins.

Then started the second part of the fundraiser, the “Jacket Auction”.

All these pins that were accumulated in the contest were pinned up on a designer jacket of NSRT 258 and that jacket was put on an online 24 hour auction for the Tablers worldwide.

After a day long hustle, Tr Pankaj Agrawal from GRT-301, Area 14, managed to win the auction at
Rs 255301.00

The following pins were adjudged winners:

Best table pin :
1st – Tr Anjan Shah – IURT 268
2nd – Tr Avinash Ahuja – BART 300
3rd – Tr vijay tapadiya- SART 187

Best Individual Pin :
1st : Tr Gagandeep Singh BMRT 129
2nd : Tr Nilesh Gupta AHRT 193
3rd : Tr Punit Saraf NRT 107

Special recognition:
Cr Aarti Gupta BCLC 105

Consolation awards:
Cr Aparna kila- DSLC 15
Tr Ashish Singhania – SRT 318
Tr Deepak Goyal – DRT 5
Tr Ankur Kapoor – DMRT 149
Cr Geetika Gupta – LC
Tr Mohit Bhargava – IRT 242
Cr Prachi Agrawal – DDRT 157
Tr Sumit Jain – AFRT 199
Tr Ashish Bardia – RSRT 158
Tr DK Singh – ART 279

All proceedings collected in this fundraiser would be utilized for the education of the underprivileged children.

This whole fundraiser was a brain wave of Tr Dhiraj Agrawal who was instrumental in making this fundraiser a success, and was ably supported by his co-convener Tr Vishesh Agrawal.
It was the hardwork of both of them that led this event to such tremendous success.

In his vote of thanks Tr Dhiraj expressed his gratitude towards his co-convener Tr Vishesh Agrawal, jewel Sharad Agrawal, Jewel Alkesh Saraf and the fundraiser committee comprising of Chairman Tr Sanket Agrawal, VC Tr Kshitiz Agrawal, Secretary Tr Gautam Himmaramka, IPC Tr Nitin Gopalani, Treasurer Tr Ankush Gopalani and Tr Utsav Agrawal for their support.