Published On : Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

NSRT 258 organizes a day of fun and frolic at Fun-N-Food village for 50 underprivileged kids


Nagpur: One of the Nagpur Chapter of Round Table India ‘Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258’ enjoyed the fellowship with HIV infected slum kids. Sunshine Foundation is said to be catering to the needs of HIV infected slum kids.

The members of NSRT-258 over came all the discrimination and the stigma attached to the disease by rekindling hope and a laughter among kids who are otherwise shunned and discriminated. They gave the kids a good time which they never enjoyed and may never ever get in future.

The members of Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 gifted a day full of fun and frolic to the slum kids of Sunshine Foundation. The kids are sure to have very fond memories of the time spent with ‘Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258’.

As part of the weeklong celebrations of Round Table India, Children’s Day was one of the activities which the members had painstakingly organized. The Tablers of NSRT 258 organized a full day fun including a picnic for 50 underprivileged kids at Fun-N-Food Village. It was for the first time that these kids got to visit an amusement park and enjoy the rides and water sports.

Project Conveners Tabler Gautam Himmatramka and Circler Priya Himmatramka also sponsored the lunch for the kids.

Tabler Nitin Gopalani, Tabler Vineet Gupta, Tabler Dhiraj Agrawal, Tabler Gautam Himmatramka and Honourary Tabler Sharad Agrawal were present at Sunshine Foundation Center to see off the kids.