Published On : Tue, Aug 25th, 2020

Now, social media warfare too hitting Bollywood hard with ‘like-dislike’ weapon: Ajeet Parse

Nagpur: Bollywood seems to be at the receiving end these days as trailers of several movies are being bombarded with “Dislikes” on social media networks. Now-a-days, the social media warfare has not limited to Bollywood actors, producers, directors only but the common netzens are too now indulging in the warfare and using the ‘dislike’ weapon to the hilt. This “Like-Dislike” warfare on social media could now decide the future of many movies even before their actual release, given the latest developments since the past few days.

Social media has decisively influenced developments in almost all fields. Now, Bollywood has also come in the list. Destiny of movies, produced with budget of crores of rupees, is now being decided within seconds with “Likes-Dislikes,” opined the social media expert and analyst Ajeet Parse.

“Some dubious developments in Bollywood in the recent past has rattled the whole country. A slew of personal aspects of actors, producers, directors have come to the fore. Many of these personalities have got exposed in social media platforms. Assing to the woes, the common netizens too have jumped in the ring with “dislike” weapon. This ominous development threatens to hit box office collections of many ready afor release films hard. The blame squarely lies on actors, producers and directors for their insensitive comments on social and national issues. Even their acts too are not commensurate with expectations of common people. Therefore, rage among common netizens against such people is reaching a boiling point,” asserted Parse.

Parse further opined that movie personalities must keep a tab on the pulse of netizens who keep a close watch of social media platforms. “Otherwise, the days is not far when the field with crores of business turning bankrupt,” warned the expert.

“The netizens have done their duty of encouraging health warriors, police and others during corona time and at other occasions. They haver also voiced their concerns over the administrative and political decisions. The netizens have also extended support as well as opposition on many national issues. But now, they have also focused on Bollywood music and movies through social media. Hence big names and money are not only sufficient to rule box office collections.

This must be understood by the concerned. Till now, the Bollywood warfare was limited to the people concerned but the weapon is also being used by common netizens to the hilt, now. Therefore, the actors, producers, and directors must control over their acts and comments. It has become a necessity in this volatile time,” stated Parse.