Published On : Thu, Jun 18th, 2020

Notorious goon hacked to death by 4 rivals in Kalamna

Nagpur: A notorious criminal was hacked to death infull public view by four rivals over old feud in Kalamna police jurisdiction here on Wednesday afternoon. The four accused assailants have been arrested.

The deceased has been identified as Nitesh Mulchand Patle (34), a resident of Jam Nagar, Kalamna. The four arrested accused are Lokesh Virsingh Shahu (23), Ganu alias Golu Chintaram Selokar (24), Sunil Chhabilal Upvanshi (20) and Hemakumar alias Golu Prabhu Hirwani (20), all residents Bhagat Nagar, Kalamna.

According to police, a feud between the deceased Nitesh Patle and the four accused was running over old rivalry and money. The dispute took the bloody turn when on Wednesday around 4.45 pm the accused accosted Nitesh at Bharatwada Y-Point-Punapur Road and picked up quarrel with him. During the wordy duel, the four accused attacked Nitesh with swords. They hit him on head and injured him fatally. Nitesh collapsed and died on the spot.

Kalamna PSI Dahifale, based on a complaint lodged by Niraj Chiratram Patle (27), booked the four assailants under Sections 302, 143, 144, 147, 148, 149, 504 of the IPC read with Section 4+25 of Arms Act and Section 135 of Maharashtra Police Act and put them under arrest. Further probe is underway.

According to sources, the deceased Nitesh Patle was involved in several crimes of serious nature. He was also externed from the city limits in May 2019 for two years. He along with his accomplices killed a man in Kanhan area sometime back. He was in the jail since his arrest in the murder case. Nitesh was released from the jail on bail 10 days ago. After released from the jail, he had a fight with one of the accused Lokesh Shahu over money. Nitesh had slapped Lokesh and threatened to kill him. The feud turned bloody on Wednesday as Lokesh and three other accused attacked Nitesh with swords and killed him.

Another murder in Beltarodi:
A 45-year old man was done to death in Beltarodi police area on Wednesday night. The accused has been arrested.

A quarrel erupted between Ramlakhan Sukhru Pal (45) and Anil Sukhdeo Meshram (35), both residents of Mamata Society, Niranjan Nagar, Beltarodi, around 10 pm on Wednesday over some dispute. In a fit of anger, Anil Meshram smashed Ramlakhan’s head and face with a wooden rod and killed him on the spot.

Beltarodi police constable Virendra Sawaithul booked the accused Anil Meshram under Section 302 of the IPS read with Section 135 of Maharashtra Police Act and arrested him. Further probe is underway.