Published On : Sun, Mar 22nd, 2020

Not Enough Dropshipping Sales? – Here Are 20 Ways To Fix It!

Do you want your dropshipping store to generate more sales?  In this article, I’ll share with you 20 time-tested tips to achieve it!  We are the team that created a super convenient solution for dropshipping business owners  – SaleSourcePlugin which turns any WordPress site into an AliExpress dropshipping store.  We’re happy to change the lives of people all over the globe with the help of this tool.  You can benefit from it as well!  Today we’re talking about a burning issue: increasing your sales volume.  We’ve collected 20 tips that we have tested ourselves, so here they are!

#1 Make it urgent

If a customer is having doubts, make it clear that the offer is limited in time. This stimulates people to make decisions quickly in order not to lose the opportunity.

#2 Improve on-site navigation

Make sure your online store has a clear structure and navigation.  For this purpose, revise your product categories.

Maybe some goods are located in the wrong places?  This can be inconvenient and disappointing to your visitors.

#3 Speed up your website

If your store page doesn’t open in 3 seconds or less, no one will wait until it loads. If you don’t want to lose potential clients because of it, check your store speed.  There are lots of free instruments you can use for this purpose.  Just search for “website speed test.”  These tools will show recommendations that will help to optimize your shopify stores’ speed.

#4 Offer vouchers and coupons

A discount coupon can change the store visitor’s mind, especially if it’s the first shopping experience on this website.  Use it to your advantage!  For example, ask first-time store visitors to provide their email addresses in exchange for a discount.  They will be pleased to get a bonus, and you will use these email addresses to reach them again with your promotional offers.  Everyone is happy!


#5 Make the checkout simple

Make the purchase process as simple as possible.  Nothing should distract your clients from placing their orders.  The easier it is for visitors to complete their purchases, the less likely they are to change their mind halfway to making a purchase.

#6 Show customer testimonials

There’s nothing better than buyer testimonials if you need to win your clients’ trust.  With our solutions, you showcase real customer feedback in a super appealing way.

#7 Guarantee refunds

Don’t just offer products.  Offer guarantees and safety.  Return policy is highly important in eCommerce. Your customers can be absolutely sure they can get their money back if something goes wrong. Give them this security!

#8 Answer your clients

Communication is one of the key success factors in business. So, talk to your customers.  Answer their questions and complaints. Do not be rude, and do not blame your clients even if it’s their fault.

#9 Improve your store design

Ideally, nothing should distract your website visitors from your products and shopping cart. That’s why you need to look for minimalist designs.  By the way, all the best store layouts are available to the users of our eCommerce solution.  You can check out demo stores if you’d like.


#10 Show product benefits

Do not sell products.  Sell the benefits they offer!  Сheck your product pages and descriptions.  A mug with a cute print and a lid is a product.  For example, tell your customers that they could bring it everywhere they go, and they will always have a warm beverage.  Those are benefits!  Maybe some of your products need a clearer message that describes what buyers will actually get.

#11 Make your offers rare

There is a trick to stimulate  impulse purchases.  Make it seem like you’re running out of product stock – it will motivate your store visitors to make their shipping decisions quicker.

#12 Do email marketing

Emails are not just letters that tell your clients about what’s happening on your website.  They are powerful drivers of customer loyalty as they let you get in touch with the subscribers again and again.  That’s too good an opportunity to miss out!  For example, you can send an email offering a selection of new products or a discount connected to the upcoming holidays.

#13 Try cross-selling

Cross-selling means offering products that are related to the item which has already got your client’s interest.  Probably, you’ve seen these features in many online stores, and the websites built with our solutions have this functionality as well.

#14 Try up-selling

Here, the idea is almost the same: you offer your clients a similar version of the item that interested them but pick more expensive products.  In other words, you offer customers to replace a product they want with a more expensive and better version.

#15 Consider decoy pricing

Decoy pricing means that you push your price-sensitive customers to make a specific product choice.  Simply speaking, you offer three product options – a cheap one, an expensive one, and a middle-priced one.  Statistically, if people can compare several versions of the same product, they are likely  to choose a middle-priced option.

#16 Create a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a general image of your average or perfect client. It’s not the same as the entire customer audience: it’s like a representation of  a person you’re targeting.

#17 Show your expertise

It’s always a good idea to run a blog on your website.  You create valuable content that attracts visitors and works as a good sign for search engines.  Plus, you prove that you know a lot about the products you sell.

#18 Make mobile your priority

On a global scale, more than half of online purchases are made through mobile devices. And if you want to increase your online store sales, make sure your website looks good and  works well on smartphones and tablets.

#19 Perform split testing

Split testing is a technique to compare several versions of the same element on your website.  These versions are shown to equal numbers of random users, and after a while, you can see which option works better.  It helps you make the right decisions about your developing business.

#20 Be patient

As you can see, there are lots of strategies and techniques to increase sales. However, not all of them bring immediate results.  Don’t worry!  Try these tips out one by one to see what works for your business and what doesn’t.  Over time, you’ll see your online store sales go up.