Published On : Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

No potable water in construction works, swimming pools: Mayor

Nagpur: Considering the severe scarcity of water looming large over the State, mayor Pravin Datke has issued stern directions not to waste drinking water in swimming pools and construction works. Assuring strict action against violators, mayor Pravin Datke asked corporators to ensure his orders are faithfully followed.

Construction works in summer season
The permission for construction is not granted during the summer season due to acute water shortage. The situation however is reverse in the city where construction projects appear to be in full swing. Though borewells and wells are used for construction, they however deplete the already depleting ground water levels. Sources informed that some contractors are using potable water for construction.

Swimming pools
According to information, many influential citizens are brazenly defying the government ban on using potable water for swimming pools and construction works. It is alleged by some that since many swimming pools don’t have water filtration plants, the officials here use drinking water. Experts believe that NMC should investigate who is using drinking water in swimming pools and levy a stiff penalty on them.

19 crore for water supply
Around 400 to 500 villages of the district face water scarcity to some effect during the summer season every year. Water supply operations are implemented in the district every time and this year, 19 crore have been set aside for this. The scheme will be implemented in three stages. This operation, however, has come under scanner as the third and crucial stage of water supply is done in the month on May and June. Some believe this nothing but an artificially created water scarcity.

No long term solution
1,000 to 12,000 hand pumps are installed in villages facing water shortage during summer season in the district. Government spends 7-8 crores every year to combat water shortage but the situation hardly ever improves in villages. Documents reveal that last year, whopping 24 crore were spent in the district on various schemes to tackle water shortage.

Water tankers
There are many unauthorised layouts and slum areas in the district. Some are connected by water network, some are not. Unconnected areas are supplied with water tankers. Areas like Besa, Beltarodi and other surrounding villages get only 10 tankers daily. A total of 310 tankers supply water in the district daily.

NMC is responsible for providing water to areas unconnected by pipeline network but under corporation jurisdiction. 230 tankers supply water to such areas daily. Experts believe that this figure might go up to 300 in the month of May when the heat intensifies.
Also the areas at the edge of network don’t get good pressure, here Orange City Waterworks (OCW) supplies 70 tankers.

The demand of water tankers goes up as the mercury rises in May. Marriages, religious events etc put burden on water supply.