Published On : Fri, Feb 12th, 2021

“ No Other Mode Can Compete with Class Room Teaching. — Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar.

Dr.Sanjay S.Uttarwar , Principal VIT has delivered a expert lecture in AICTE-ISTE sponsored Induction/ Refresher program ( FDP) at . Anantrao Pawar College of Engineering And Research Pune, Topic of his delivery was “ Transformation from classroom teaching to online teaching : Benefits and Threats .

During his delivery he has lucidly explain the various stages of transformation of classroom teaching to online teaching. Online teaching was there since so many years. Pandemic Covid 19 has taught us its effective use. It is said that necessity is mother of invention, Covid 19 has created this necessity for effective utilization of online platforms.

In his delivery , he has explained various necessary aspects for effective classroom teaching. While elaborating its benefits , he says that online platforms can accommodate no of participants for same session , where there is limitations in case of classroom teaching.

Successful career is dream of every individual in life. For Successful career they are working hard through out their life span. But there are certain skills towards which they didn’t give heed. Due to lack of support system, educated youths are facing many new challenges in today’s competitive world. They are afflicted by an identity crisis, lack of self-confidence, a sense of hopelessness, confusion, and ambiguity concerning about moral issues and career. Dr. sanjay Uttarwar was sharing Mantra of successful life with them.

Dr.Sanjay S Uttarwar, is recipient of six National and Global Level for his outstanding contribution to the field of academics. Awards are “Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award”, “Life Time Achievement Award” & “Global Excellence Award” for 2017. He is a renowned academician of the region with glorious past records. He is having more than 30 year’s rich academic & industrial experience working with renowned educational groups of Maharashtra. He is a frequently invited speaker by TV Channels & Radio to deliver his expert thoughts.

He elaborate various aspects of effective teaching that includes Role of Teacher, Use of Teaching aids, Meaning of effectiveness and Factors that affect the teaching. He also discussed the steps to establish the positive attitude towards the various circumstances, the content of speech also includes planning in right direction to avoid chances of failure, Goal Setting and how to present yourself to students for creating a good first impression.

Dr.Sanjay S Uttarwar (Principal, VIT), had also shared several positive thoughts and stories with audience to improve the agenda of Effective Classroom Teaching. He addressed crowd of Faculty members who enthusiastically attended the program.

At the beginning Program Coordinator for FDP has welcomed and introduced speaker to all online staff. . Dr. Sanjay S Uttarwar, Principal, was delivering his Webinar for participants of FDP. . In this lock down period Anantrao Pawar college of engineering And research Pune,authorities has invited him to deliver webinar on this burning topic. Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar is a renowned academician, Speaker , Orator and well known personality from Central India. Frequently he delivers experts thoughts on various current topics on all sort of media.

With informative PPT he had suggested the best possible solution in terms of increasing the awareness among today’s faculty . According to him , Education does not mean only degrees but in its true sense it is the future of the youth. His views were highly appreciated and accepted by the audience..

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar thanked to Dr. S B Thakare Principal, APCOER, Dr. K H Munde Program Coordinator, and Prof. S R Kakane ISTE Co odrdinator for inviting him for said lecture.