No norms infringed by Hotel Ashok in their constructions says NMC

Star Category Hotels registered with State and Central Government’s Tourism Department are granted 2.5 times more FSI under the MRTP Act.

Hotel Ashok
Prima-facie, it appeared that the owners of Ashok Hotel situated in Aath Rashta Square, Laxminagar had illegally constructed some portions of the building. When the related documents of the said building were requested from the NMC’s Public Works Department of Dhantoli Zone and from the Town Planning Department of NMC, the officials of NMC’s Public Works Department of Dhantoli Zone had avoided furnishing these documents and went on to claim that the information about the construction being violation of norms is true.

On the other hand, the officials of Town Planning Department of NMC had furnished the documents and have claimed that the allegations made against Hotel Ashok are baseless.

This allegations and counter-allegations and lack of co-ordination between different departments is only putting the NMC administration in the wrong and often leading to legal problems.

According to the documents shown by the Town Planning Department of NMC, compounding charges were recovered from the Management of Hotel Ashok in 2014 and the entire construction was regularized.

These compounding charges were recovered to approve the revised plan for annexing the adjacent plot with the existing building and for the additional building plans.

The NMC Commissioner had regularized the entire construction of Hotel Ashok after the related departments of State Government had recovered the compounding charges.

According to the management of Hotel Ashok, they had applied for the occupancy certificate from the Town Planning Department of NMC. When they applied for the occupancy certificate, the officials had personally visited the Hotel and had inspected the internal and external construction works. After getting a clear assurance that all the construction works were as per norms, they granted the occupancy certificate to the management of Hotel Ashok.

The Hotel Ashok comes under Three Star Hotel Category. The Star Category Hotels throughout the country who are registered with the State and Central Government’s Tourism Department are granted 2.5 times more FSI under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act (MRTP). Earlier granting this facility was restricted only with the relevant department of the State Government but now this granting this facility lies also with the Municipal Corporation too.

It could be mentioned here that an additional 4-4 FSI (Maximum) has been granted to 500 meter area on both the sides of the entire route of Nagpur Metro Rail. Recently, with an aim to improve the financial state of all Municipal Corporations, an approval has been granted for additional construction of 30%. The revenue generated through this will be shared equally by the State Government and the related Municipal Corporation.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )