Published On : Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

No move to shut down Mahagenco power plants or units permanently: Govt

State Government has declared its resolve that no power plant or electricity generating units run by Mahagenco will be shut down permanently. Further, no officials and employees of Mahagenco working at the power generating units presently shut down will be robbed of their jobs, the government said in a press release on Thursday.

The clarifying words from State Government came after some political parties were found spreading canards that some of the power generating units of Mahagenco are being shut down and as a result hundreds of employees will face starvation. The misleading statements have created confusion in the minds of workers’ unions. In view of this canard and confusion, the State Government came up with true facts and said that the Mahagenco and MSEDCL have signed long-term agreements. Both the companies have no right to break the accords. Hence power generation by Mahagenco will not stop nor power units will be shut permanently, the press release said.

The reasons for closure of plants in Maharashtra are varied. One plant had to be shut down because its operations were not viable. A couple of power producers had to close because of lack of fuel supply – both coal and gas. The inability of customers to lift power that have already been produced and transmission constraints were cited as other reasons for the shutdown of these plans.