Published On : Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

“No interest in ‘barren’ talks, first waive off debts of farmers,” says Vikhe Patil to Govt

Vikhey Patil
‘Congress in not at all interested in barren talks on the issue of exemption of debts of farmers. Prior to this, in earlier held three sessions, a lot of discussions were made over this burning issue, but all in vain. Therefore, let the government first waive off debts of farmers and make announcement to this effect, and then only we will discuss the subjects whatever the government intends to,” said Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly, Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil in a clear-cut manner on Wednesday.

The third day of winter session witnessed the most attacking attitude of Congress members in both the Houses of Legislature. Vikhe-Patil told the House that on Tuesday lakhs of farmers from across the state thronged Nagpur-streets to participate in the Congress-led morcha. Leaving their works if the farmers gathered here in such a large number, it meant that it was their anguish which was to be expressed. Taking heed of it, the state government must immediately announce exemption of debts on them and suitable package for them, he vehemently urged.

Vikhe-Patil rejected the allegations made by the media that the Congress morcha thwarted the official proceedings of the government in the Houses and time was wasted. He told the media that the Opposition had been demanding debts-exemption and package for farmers over past several months, but the government did not pay heed to their demand, so it was government’s fault and it was misleading.

He also said, the Congressmen have been instructed by Sonia Gandhi to keep fighting for the cause of farmers, and so the Congress would be in aggressive mood until the problems of farmers were solved. According to him, the Congress leaders should have been in Delhi to greet Sonia Gandhi on her birthday, but they were at Nagpur in the interest of farmers. However, they wished her from Nagpur itself, he added.

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