Published On : Fri, Feb 1st, 2019

NMRCL to use mass spring system to reduce metro rail vibrations

Nagpur: The Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (NMRCL) has decided to use mass-spring system (MSS) to reduce vibrations generated due to train movements and to protect the buildings at the surface including many old structures situated along the metro route. The mass-spring system, which uses soft steel coil springs in the concrete track slabs, helps in reducing vibrations and noise due to movements of train.

The Project Director of Nagpur Metro Mahesh Kumar Agrawal said that the present buildings along the metro route are not so old. Their construction is relatively new. Such buildings can tolerate the vibrations. The problem lies at Central Avenue Road. Some buildings on this route have been marked and the mass spring system would be installed on this route. The NMRCL with the help of a reputed foreign agency working in the field of reducing noise and vibrations has carried out a survey. The mass spring system would be used at the spots where noise and vibrations are lot. Hospitals, temples, schools would be in focus. The system would erase all fears of danger to the buildings on the surface due to vibrations underneath. The sound barriers would be installed on the steel railing put up along the metro tracks, Agrawal said.

It may be recalled that the NOC of Maha Metro is mandatory for any new constructions along metro route. The State Government had issued a notification on June 9, 2017, in this connection. Nagpur Today had on October 11, 2017, published a report wherein information regarding this fact was given in detail. Agrawal said that Nagpur Metro project would get operationalised in many years. Hence NOC of Maha Metro would be mandatory for new constructions along the metro route.