NMC’s to once again begin sterlisation of stray dogs

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Nagpur: Honorary Animal Welfare Officer Karishma Gilani had lodged a complaint in police station against two doctors for tfor failure in ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme . After which the work of sterilization of dogs was stopped by Nagpur Municipal Corporation. But once again, ABC programme will start at Bhandewadi Shelter Home.

For this, 3 doctors and one diploma holder doctor has been appointed by NMC. Dr Gajendra Mahlle, Health Officer of NMC informed that after 10 days the sterilisation of stray dogs in the citywill be begin. Nagpur Municipal Corporation has sanctioned Rs 50 lakhs for 50 thousand dogs. NMC’s health department has always been in controvetrsy regarding sterilization of dogs. After many years once again it NMC has been proposed to start the ABC programme. Sterilization is the only way to control the number of growing stray dogs in the city.

Giving the information about the ABC programme, Honorary Animal Welfare Officer Karishma Gilani informed that the NMC has appointed doctors. She said that she herself is in the monitoring committee. The practice of sterilization was stopped after the complaints were received last time. Gilani said that this time his attention will be on sterilization of dogs. She said that this time NMC has carry out the sterilization programme properly. So that they make up for the last time’s mistake.