Published On : Sat, Nov 15th, 2014

NMC’s takes action against defaulters of property tax in a drive at Asinagar Zone


While acting tough on the residents of Asinagar Zone who had defaulted from paying property tax, the NMC Property Tax Recovery Squad had taken action and had issued seizure notice to the residents on November 14, 2014.

According to a press note issued by NMC Asinagar Zone No 9, Ward No 57, the following defaulters were issued seizure notice:


S. No                    Name                                     House No             Amount Due

01             Sattar Jumman Pinjari                        2278/C/1738            1,79,525:00

02            Md Inam Md Israel                              2278/C/1737             1,49,208:00

03           Krishna Sharad Dage                           2278/C/1736              80,010:00

04            NIT  Abdul Ali @ Salamatullah             1563/A/ 664                36,999:00

05           NIT  Abdul Jalil@ A Rehman                   1563/A/ 658               57,254:00

06           Jaitunbi Karim & Ali Afsar                  1563/A/21                  25,608:00

Husain Abdul Latif

07           NIT   Baliram Raghunath Meshram 1559/11/214             58,776:00


Having defaulted the payment, NMC’s Property Tax Recovery Squad had taken action against the above. The above action was carried out under the orders of Assistant Municipal Commissioner by Assistant Tax Regulator and Tax Inspector Atul Mate, Sanjay Kamble, S P Pohre, Mahendra Kamble, Satish Ballewar, Sunil Meshram and Deepak Jambulkar of Tax Revenue Department, Asinagar Zone No 9.

In a similar action taken by the Recovery Squad of Revenue and Tax Department of NMC at Satranjipura Zone No 7, action was initiated against the defaulters of Maskasath, Loha Oli, Old Bhandara Road in Ward no 44 on November 14, 2014.

S. No        Ward No    House No   Amount Due

01.            44                    308                    73,807:00

02             44                   887                     50,539:00

However, since the other defaulters had requested in writing that they will be paying the due amount within two days, so were given two day’s time. Almost every day the Tax Recovery Warrant department is taking action in Satranjipura Zone. The Zone Tax officials have appealed to all property tax payees to pay the taxes within the due dates.

The above action was undertaken under the orders of Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Satranjipura Zone No 7 by Tax Inspector Manjur Ahmed, Tax Collector Nakib Khan, Parate, Birha, Tambe and Somkunwar

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