Published On : Tue, Jun 21st, 2016

NMC’s ‘One Time Settlement Scheme’: Rs. 47.90 Lakh on Day 6

On 6th Day 961 consumers paid Rs.47,90,013
So far Rs.2, 31, 79, 762 in NMC’s Kitty

ocw-nmc-vipl copy
The 6th day of NMC’s One Time Settlement scheme saw a turn-out of 961 consumers paying Rs.47,90, 013. This has shown the consistent inclination of consumers towards the scheme.

The zone-wise collection is as follows:

It must be mentioned that taking into consideration the huge arrears and the troubles of the Water Bill arrear holders, Nagpur Municipal Corporation has brought up a citizen convenience scheme where arrear-holders can get rid of the arrears by paying 50% of the actual arrear amount. The scheme will be valid upto 30th June 2016.

The scheme is applicable to consumers belonging to Residential and Slum categories and who are having arrear amount more than Rs.2000. Under this scheme, of the total arrears amount mentioned on the consumer bills, 50% amount will have to be paid (excluding Delay Payment Charges). The revised amount will have to be completely paid off during the scheme period.