NMC’s negligence and apathy comes to fore as road caves in creating a crater of 22 feet

CYMERA_20150629_213232Nagpur: The apathy and negligence of Nagpur Municipal Corporation came to fore once gain. The road near Alankar Talkies Square caved in five days back. The traffic and the smooth movement of vehicles too got affected because of the road caving in.
However, all that the authorities of Nagpur Municipal Corporation did was to erect the barricades around the crater to prevent any untoward incident from occurring. However, they have not bothered to do anything to repair the crater. These barricades may not necessarily prevent any accident.

It could be mentioned here that last year too, a similar incidence of road caving in near this very spot. While repairing the crater, the officials came to know that 22 feet below the spot, a water line around 6 inches diameters was passing through. This water line is connected to a main which intersects at the Alankar Square. Since this pipe line is old and has deteriorated, and is in a dilapidated condition causing water to leak in many places. This in-turn has caused the mud and land to get loose causing the road built above it to cave in. What is more dangerous is that the roads could cave in all those places where this water line is passing through. A few employees of Nagpur Municipal Corporation made their presence felt in the spot, but no concrete and corrective steps are taken to repair the crater or to prevent such mishaps.

On closer inspection, it appears that there must have been a well long time back which was filled with mud instead of boulders. The water accumulated inside the crater does not seem to be leaking from the pipe-line. A fairly new construction of Telephone Block is seen very close to the spot where the road has caved in. It is quite possible that after making the block for the telephone cable joints, the officials did not fill the hole with boulders, instead had used only mud to cover it, over which the road was made.

Till the time of filling the story, the repair work on the road had not commenced, nor has Nagpur Municipal Corporation officials done anything to find the cause of the road caving-in.