Published On : Thu, Jun 20th, 2013

NMC’s Health Department needs a bitter booster dose itself to improve vaccination

The Health Department played a cruel joke with citizens when the authorities failed miserably to administer crucial vaccination to new born babies, pregnant women, and booster doses to children on the announced dates at their Health Centres thus putting them in hardships physically, mentally, and, financially, too.

Nagpur News:

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) Health Department, which has been given the all-important responsibility of crucial vaccination of new born babies, pregnant women, and booster doses to children, it appears, needs a boost itself. This fact reveals the poor working of the NMC’s Health Department.

According to reports, the Health Department is full of tired, aged, sick officials and employees if one looks into their dismal style of working. Moreover, the careless attitude of top NMC bosses towards poorly functioning Health Department, not to mention, making the lives of citizens miserable physically, mentally, and, financially, too. The citizens get the taste of stale state of affairs when they approach the NMC’s hospitals for vaccination purposes.

The NMC has implemented the directives of Maharashtra Government’s Health Ministry in undertaking the responsibility of vaccinating new born babies, pregnant women, and booster doses to children of 5 years or before also. But the actual implementation appears on papers only and, hundreds of miles away.

The NMC’s  Health Department had announced the vaccination programme in their Health Centre near Jaripatka Bus Stand in North Nagpur and had appealed the citizens to visit the Health Centre on Wednesday for vaccination. However, hundreds of interested citizens including women, their new born babies, and children were disappointed and had to return home without vaccination injections. Courtesy: The employees, who administrate vaccination and other medically crucial injections, were found on 10-day leave. The ominous fact exposes the insensitive attitude of the NMC’s Health Department as neither alternative arrangements were made in the absence of the emplayees nor the citizens were apprised priorly of the situation. Sensing boiling anger of citizens and to escape their wrath, who had gathered at the Health Centre in large number, some employees of the Centre suggested the vaccination at Bezonbagh Health Centre on Thursday (June 20).

However, when dozens of citizens turned up at the Health Centre, they found only one employee present at the Centre. When asked about the vaccination, the employee informed them that if any other employee coincidently arrives at the Centre the “functing” of the Health Centre would begin 10 am onwards. The citizens took it lightly or a joke. But in reality, the employees started pouring in after 11-30 am . The totally apathetic employees, leave alone the vaccination, advised the citizens to visit the Sadar Health Centre, instead. That too if they are interested in getiing vaccinated.

It may be recalled, the NMC officials and employees only take care of their salaries on time. But the time is not on their agenda as far as reporting for the duties on time. The top and lower rung employees as well have been found in the grip of habits die hard. It has become a routine for them to evade time-bound duties.

The citizens must have undergone several difficulties, physically, mentally and financially, for the two days when the NMC’s Health Department played a cruel joke with them by not following the medically significant vaccination programme announced by themselves alone. Now, time has come to teach hard lessons to the careless officials and employees of NMC’s Health Department. The best way is that the Maharashtra Government, which grants huge amounts to NMC’s Health Department, should seek details of the money, and if found irregularities by the officials and employees, then they must punished stringently for playing with the lives of Nagpur citizens.