Published On : Thu, Jun 20th, 2013
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Blacklisted college VMIET students ‘trust’ in management; say their future is ‘secure’

Nagpur News:

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, The Rashtriya Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU) has taken the step towards “improvement” of education in the city like it had been contemplating since long. A revised list of blacklisted colleges has been released, causing a lot of confusion among the students of these colleges. The tainted list of institutions consisting of 258 colleges of engineering, management, architecture and arts includes Millenium College, Diamond College, VMIET, Tulsiram Gaikwad-Patil college of Architecture among others.

While the present students of these colleges are still unsure about their future in their college, the banned colleges have managed to lure some students into taking admissions despite the allegations. The MNS Students’ Wing has demanded the vice-chancellor, Vilas Sapkal to set up inquiry counters to inform aspiring students of the status of these colleges. Failing to keep up with their promises of not misguiding students, the university seems to have taken no action regarding this issue concerning future of thousands of students.

Anxious groups of students who are presently students at these institutions expressed to Nagpur Today their dilemma about the image of their college.

Saurabh Kanade, 3rd Year Engineering Student, VMIET said, “I think just printing news bluntly about our college without knowing the ground realities, is wrong. The institute is doing well in all spheres and I am pretty sure there was some glitch in there.”

Apurva Gondane, 2nd Year, VMIET said, “I don’t see a reason why our college should be blacklisted; but these unfortunate events have created a lot of confusion among us students.”

Palash Bodhke, 3rd Year VMIET said, “We put our complete trust in our management, but the negative publicity about our college is worrisome.”

The NU Board of College and University Development (BCUD) Director Arvind Chaudhhary said that the revised list was released only to omit and correct the names of colleges that had been erroneously included in the list. However, the number of colleges on the revised list has only increased where most of the colleges and groups of institutions belong to politicians and education moguls. Although first year admissions in these colleges have been banned, these colleges continue to enrol students without consent of the university creating massive uncertainty. What remains to be seen is that in spite of these shocking revelations, will the students continue to opt for these banned colleges or choose wisely for their future.
Shivangi Chaturvedi