Published On : Tue, Oct 6th, 2020

NMC’s flip-flop on CSR implementation!!

Nagpur: One more flip-flop on the part of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has come to the fore. A pertinent question is being asked: When will the civic body implement CSR?

It may be recalled that the State Government, every year, issues CSR through concerned Public Works Department for construction of civil works in entire state. Following this, the Public Works Department issues CSR for Nagpur Division through the office of Chief Engineer. It is mandatory for all departments to implement the CSR. But it is seen many departments either hesitate to implement the CSR or do it at their whims or fancies.

According to sources, preparations are afoot in NMC for presentation of 2020-21 budget as new CSR for current fiscal has been issued. With this development, the contractors and contract firms are hoping to see NMC budget on the lines of new CSR. If the provisions are made in the current NMC budget for works concerning the last financial year, the contractors feel, the proposed works would not be completed. “Either the allotted works will have to be completed at any cost or quality of works could be compromised. Hence it is prudent to make provisions of funds in NMC budget in accordance with the new CSR,” the contractors said.