Published On : Tue, Oct 6th, 2020

Tax evasion in crores at Sitabuldi mobile accessories market detected

Nagpur: A massive tax evasion is being detected at the Sitabuldi mobile accessories market in the city. Taking advantage of a craze among youths for equipping their smart mobile phones with all kinds of smarter accessories, the dealers at the Sitabuldi market are indulging in tax theft by selling cheap products in the name of branded companies.

According to sources, the cunning dealers, as a first step towards tax evasion, do not issue valid bills to customers for the sale of mobile accessories. No Bill, No Tax. Since no bill is issued for sale of accessories, there is no record of purchase and sale. With this tactic, not only the customers are being fleeced but the government revenue is also being dented by the accessories dealers. No tax is being paid as there is no record. The dubious practice is being indulged by the mobile accessories dealers openly and with impunity. Some dealers have also been found selling duplicate accessories in the name of reputed companies, sources said.

“Being the Second Capital of Maharashtra, customers from far off places descend in the city for purchase of mobile accessories such as headphones, screen guard, batteries, cover at the Electronic Market situated at Rahul Complex, Modi Lane No. 3, Hanuman Galli, Sitabuldi. All deals are done slyly and there is no record at all. This dubious market has turnover in crores but not a single rupee is paid as tax. The Sales Tax (GST) Department, as a result, is being deprived of tax in lakhs on daily basis. This ‘infamous’ market hosts hundreds of shops dealing in duplicate and cheap mobile accessories such as batteries, power bank, headphone, memory card, pen drive, charger, data cable etc etc. No tax is paid for all this sale-purhase dealings,” sources claimed.

Sources further claimed that some dealers in the Sitabuldi mobile market have been found selling duplicate mobile accessories in the name of branded companies such as MI(REDMI), REALMI, Vivo, Oppo, Syska etc. The duplicate and cheap accessories also pose health hazards to gullible customers as dangerous radiation is emitted by the accessories. Moreover, incidents of battery blasts have also been reported in some cases.

Will the concerned authorities wake up to the realities and deal with the tax evaders with a firm hand?