NMC’s 3 employees suspended

NMC Nagpur
Nagpur: Three employees of Municipal Corporation have been suspended. Two employees are from Tax department while one is from fire Department. Tax Collector of Hanuman Nagar Zone (In-charge Tax Inspector) Sachin Meshram and Nehru Nagar Zone Junior Inspector Jawahar Ghongade had stolen the password of Assistant Commissioner’s computer and found guilty of reducing property tax amounting to thousands of rupees and were suspended. Sakkardara Fire Department’s In-charge Officer V R Wanjari was suspended for indiscipline.

According to information in the Hanuman Nagar Zone the tax demand had come for Rs 54,000 which was reduced to just Rs 4500. Former Mayor Pravin Datke brought this before the Municipal Corporation’s House. The Assistant Commissioner asked how his computer password reached the employee and action was taken against the employee who stole the password. Ghongade had stolen the password and had bungled the property tax. Municipal Corpotration has suffered a heavy loss due to this.

Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal had taken a serious note of it and had given a hint that action would be taken against accused in this caseand so this action was taken. According to reliable sources efforts are being made to save some officials. It necessary to take action against the zone’s senior officers. Unless action is taken against them such illegal practice wont be curbed.

The order for taking action against Sakkardara Fire Department’s In-charge Officer V R Wanjari were issued on Monday and so he was suspended. Wanjari has been accused for coming to office in a drunken state. According to sources Wanjari had created obstacles in the programme of BJP leaders and so action was taken.