Published On : Thu, Sep 19th, 2019

NMC starts Aapli Bus service to AIIMS from Sitabuldi, Defence, Wadi

Nagpur: For the convenience of patients visiting Nagpur Branch of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), NMC’s Transport Department has started Aapli Bus service.

The unit of AIIMS has been set up near MIHAN. Recently, OPD of the premier hospital was started for patients. Keeping in mind convenience of patients and their relatives visiting the hospital, NMC has launched Aapli Bus service from Sitabuldi, Defence and Wadi.

According to Pagey, Administrative Officer of NMC’s Transport Department, the bus trips from Sitabuldi will run from 6.10 in the morning with last trip being at 7.40 pm. On the other hand, the bus service from AIIMS will commence from 7.10 in the morning till 8.40 pm. Total 15 trips will be run from both ends. Bus service from Sitabuldi will go AIIMS till Butibori and vice versa. On the same line, bius from Defence, Wadi will go to Butibori via AIIMS and vice versa.


Trips of Tejaswini Bus announced:
The trips of recently inaugurated women special Tejaswini bus have been announced. The first bus will depart Harihar Mandir Depot at 7.25 am and will go to YCCE via Pardi and from YCCE to Sitabuldi, from Sitabuldi to Zilla Pheri, Sitabuldi to Defence, Wadi, from Wadi to Sitabuldi. Finally, the Tejaswini Bus will make a trip from Sitabuldi to Pardi and return to depot at 3 pm. This trip will cover a distance of 123.4 km daily.

The second bus will depart depot at 12.30 pm for Pardi and from Pardi to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Piplafata, Piplafata to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Nara, Nara to Sitabuldi, Zilla Pheri from Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to YCCE and finally from YCCE, the bus will reach Depot at 8.35 pm. This trip will cover a distance of 115.1 km daily.

The third service of women special Tejaswini bus will start from depot to Pardi at 7 am. It will go from Pardi to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Bahadura Fata, Bahadura Fata to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Hazaripahad, Hazaripahad to Sitabuldi and return to depot at 2.30 pm. This service will cover a distance of 123.6 km daily.

The fourth bus will depart from depot at 1.50 pm for Pardi. From Pardi, it will go to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Butibori MIDC, Butibori MIDC to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Jaitala, Jaitala to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Nagsevan, Nagsevan to Sitabuldi and return to depot at 9 pm. This trip will cover a distance of 117 km daily.

The fifth bus will depart depot at 7.50 am for Pardi. From Pardi, it will go to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to J N Hospital, J N Hospital to Sitabuldi, Sitabuldi to Brahmani Fata, Brahmani Fata to Sitabuldi and from Sitabuldi to Depot at 3.10 pm. This trip will cover a distance of 127 km daily.


Chalo App for Aapli Bus commuters:
Transport Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Thursday launched its Chalo App to help commuters plan their trips on city buses more effectively. Now, people can live track the movement of Aapli buses that numbers now over 400 in city. Also, the App can be useful as journey planner tool that can save time. With the help of the App one can check time of arrival of buses that can save as much as 40 minutes of waiting on daily basis. Daily about 1.60 lakhcommuters use services of Aapli Bus and the App was much-needed as it empowers the users in many ways. Other advantages of the App is one can plan one’s trip door-to-door using a multi-modal trip planner, find the cheapest and fastest trip options, including all the bus route options to their destination, buy a mobile bus pass directly using the App which means no more waiting in the queue at the pass counter.

The Chalo App can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore and it has been developed by Zophop Technologies Private Limited, a technology-driven transport solutions company that aims to make travel better for everyone.