NMC-OCW goes Green, planted Over 500 tree saplings @ ESR’s

Nagpur: As part of its green environment initiative & promote biodiversity,Nagpur Municipal Corporation-Orange City Water in association with State Forest Department has planted almost 500 tree saplings at ESR (Overhead Tank Premises) across all 10 zones.

The objective of the tree plantation programme is to restore our environment and for that State Forest department supported NMC -OCW by providing 500 trees. Trees have been planted at the ESR locations along with slum premises which will be taken care of by the Community based organizations or the slum dwellers. Locations were mapped by GIS and trees were tagged to measure the success.

To avoid the mortality rate of the trees, consultation was taken by the experts and local species which will promote biodiversity like Amla, Almond, Tamarind, Neem, Guava, Avdumber, Arjun, Jamun, Kaweet etc. were selected for plantation.

On July 9, Tree saplings were planted at Khamala (Pande-Lay Out ) ESR, under Laxmi Nagar zone at the hands of OCW officials Mr. Dourdin Guillaume, Dr. Sanjoy Roy, Mr. KMP Singh, Mr. Rajesh Kalra, Mr. Rajeeth Ayyathan, , Mr Kuldeep Singh, Mr. Prakash Mahajan, Mr. Sachin Dravekar, Mrs. Farhat Quraishi,, Mr. Amol Pande Mr Vinod Parmar, Mr Nitin Dudhe, Miss Banani Dutta & Shilpi Tyagi. Members of OCW zonal staff as well as Social Welfare Staff were present for the tree-plantation .

Similarly a tree plantation programme also held at Gandhibagh zone wherein in Hon. Corporator Mr Vijay Chutele planted tree saplings at Lakadganj Zone . Gandhibagh zone staff and Lakadganj zone staff were present on the occasion.

NGOs like Swatchcha, Yashodhara and NMC-OCW’s Water Friends are also supporting to make this initiative successful.